SURVEY: Super Bowl Drives Most TV Sales


“1 in every 10 Americans will buy a TV during Super Bowl Sales**”

FatWallet announces 2014 TV Buying Survey:

The new survey (*TNS Global) reveals some interesting consumer buying trends for TVs, especially related to the upcoming Super Bowl. With TV purchases increasing each January (1M in 2005 to >7M in 2013), the survey verifies the growth claiming it’s now the #1 time of year people say they will buy a TV.

Of those surveyed online, 30% said they will purchase a new TV this year (35% males, 25% females and 38% under age 30). Almost one third of those will buy a TV during Super Bowl sales. The survey also reveals that their purchasing decisions are influenced most by price and the majority will spend less than $500. See Infographic.

Below are the full survey results for those that said they will purchase a new TV this year:

Super Bowl Drives Big TV Sales!

Q: During which sales event are you most likely to make a new TV purchase?

  • 32% said Super Bowl Sales
  • 25% said Black Friday Sales
  • 8% said December/Holiday Sales
  • 6% said Cyber Monday
  • 28% said a variety of Other Seasonal Sales

Of Note: Almost half of Boomers will buy a TV during Super Bowl Sales (46%), the other half (47%) during Black Friday. While only 6% will buy a TV on Cyber Monday, that number more than doubles to 14% for those under age 30.

The Price Is Right.

Q: Which category is most important when purchasing a new TV?

  • 45% said Price
  • 35% said Features
  • 20% said Brand

Of Note: Seniors (age 60+) say Brand (38%) beats Price (29%). More than half of those with children (54%) say price is the big factor.

Let’s Make a Deal.

Q: How much do you plan to spend on a new TV?

  • 14% said Less than $300
  • 41% said $300-$499
  • 21% said $500-$699
  • 24% said $700 or more

Of Note: While 41% will spend between $300 – 500, that number increases to 52% for those with an annual income under $30k. 1 in 4 will plan to spend more than $700, 40% with an annual income over $75k, and 9% with an annual income under $30k.

9 in 10 want major brand names.

Q: Which TV brand do you plan to purchase?

  • 33% said Samsung
  • 18% said Sony
  • 16% said LG
  • 14% said Vizio
  • 6% said Panasonic
  • 3% said Sharp
  • 4% said Budget Brands
  • 6% said Other

Of Note: LG was most popular with Midwest TV Buyers (34%) and Sony most popular brand for lower income shoppers (25%).

Size does matter!

Q: What size new TV will you purchase?

  • 24% said 39” or less
  • 45% said 40” – 54”
  • 25% said 55” – 69”
  • 6% said 70” or bigger

Of Note: Nearly 1 in 3 (31%) will buy a new TV 55” or bigger. While only 6% will purchase a new TV 70” or bigger, 15% for those on West Coast want a giant screen.

86% want some clarity.

Q: Which feature is most important when purchasing a new TV?

  • 14% said 720p HDTV
  • 46% said 1080p HDTV
  • 34% said 1080p HDTV (Smart/3D)
  • 6% said 4K

Of Note: More than one third (35%) want a smart TV, 45% under age 50 or on the West Coast. Only 6% want a the pricey new 4K HD technology, but surprisingly 10% of those with an annual income under $30k want 4k.

Mobile Commerce gets in the game.

Q: Which way are you most likely to make a new TV purchase?

  • 76% said In-store
  • 15% said Laptops
  • 4% said Smartphones
  • 3% said Tablets
  • 2% said Other

Of Note: 7% said they will buy a TV via their mobile device-expect that number to grow by the end of the year.

*The national survey conducted online by TNS on behalf of in July 2013 was fielded among 1,000 adults ages 18 or older. **Based on 10% of all surveyed who said they will purchase a new TV in 2014 during Super Bowl Sales.

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