Target Shopping = More Savings

Target Shopping: Watching Sales, Stacking Coupons, and Using Your REDCard Equals More Savings

If you haven’t already checked out the “How to save money at Target” piece that was posted earlier this week, make sure you do. There are some great tips about shopping at Target.

I went through my receipts from the past couple of months (because I have to keep everything for my daycare), and thought I would share some ways I saved money by stacking coupons , checking clearance aisles, following sales, and using my REDcard at Target.

  • Clorox Wipes $2.24. Paid just $1.00 after stacking coupons

  • Tide laundry detergent on clearance for $5.58. Paid just $3.83 after stacking coupons
  • Kraft salad dressing $1.59. Paid just $0.72 after stacking coupons
  • SoBe water $1, and bought 10 and received a $5 gift card
  • Yoplait Gogurt $2.69 (not on sale the day I shopped, but I needed yogurt for my boys). Paid $1.94 after stacking coupons

  • Oscar Mayer Lunchables $1.00. Paid just $0.45 each after
  • Cascade dishwasher detergent $3.50. Paid $2.50 after coupons

  • Duracel batteries $7.49. Paid $4.99 after coupons
  • Vitamin water $0.88, paid $0.59 after coupons
  • Herbal Essence Shampoo $2.50. Paid $1.25 after coupons

Diapers are also good products to stack coupons on at Target. I almost always have manufacturer and Target coupons for diapers that I give to my friends. Also, I often see gift card promotions on diapers.


I got my Target Debit card about a year ago. I like that they now offer a debit card so that I can deduct my purchases right out of my checking account rather than get a statement each month. Since the first of this year, I’ve saved $35.86 by using my card! I’m sure this number will continue to go up as I start my Christmas shopping.

Bargain Buys

Start watching for sales on some of your favorite Thanksgiving foods. I know Walmart has already dropped prices on items such as stuffing and soups. I haven’t been to Target in a few weeks, but my guess is that their prices have started to drop too.

This week at Target there are gift card promotions on Dunkin Donuts Coffee, Tide, Bounce, Charmin, and Centrum vitamins. You may also find free Hungry Jack pancake mix (target coupon), cheap Philadephia Cooking Cream (Target coupon), and $1 4packs of Activia (10-2 Smart Source).

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