Target’s 2012 Big Toy Catalog is Out!


Shopping for toys this holiday season at Target? Take some time, and preview their newly released Toy Catalog on FatWallet’s Black Friday Ad Scan page. If you are looking to jump ahead on your shopping, then it might be wise to scan through the 110-page catalog. Although Target hasn’t released their Black Friday prices, it might be smart to purchase some of their top toys with their free shipping deal. The free shipping deal runs until December 29th, and it is limited to online only.

WIthin this year’s catalog, it is divided into eight different toy sections (girls, boys, toddlers, top toys, movies/books, games, gadgets, and wheels). The hot toys that we picked out in each section are as follows:

One thing that we did notice is that Target decided to release their toy catalog a few days behind its bigger competitors, Toys R Us,Walmart, and Kmart. However, it does have a cool feature on its website where you can create a toy wish list. You can set your child up online, and have him/her add toys from the catalog to their list. After they are all done, you can send it off to Grandma and Grandpa or print it out for yourself for Black Friday shopping. It’s much more efficient than having them circle their favorite toys that they like with a big red crayon.

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