Target’s New Price Match Policy

Target was disappointed with their overall sales this holiday season, the blame may fall partly on Target’s conserved promotional funds during the holidays season, as well as lower prices for online shopping and Wal-mart‘s price match guarantee. In attempts to stay competitive in this online shopping world, Target is extending their holiday price match that started Nov. 1 to a year round policy! Although not identical, Target is using a very similar approach as they did during the holidays.

As a Target lover, this is great news! Target has always been one of my favorite stores! I love the layout of Target, the friendly employees that are always willing to help, and the clothing is hip and trendy. Compared to other discount department stores, Target has a much warmer and intelligent feel throughout the store. But being that I am on a budget, they are a bit out of my price range, but all this will change with the new Price Match Policy!

Here is The Breakdown of Target’s Price Match Policy

Target is following lead of other retailers and matching both in store and online prices! To take advantage of a price match, customers must have proof of the lower price. Prior to their purchase, customers must make their requests at the guest service desk. But hold on to your receipt after each Target purchase, because they will make price match adjustments for 7 days after your purchase. Price matches can be made on qualifying items for the following:

  • Prices on Target’s website, even out of stock items
  • Target’s next weeks ad
  • A local competitors ad for the same exact product
  • Prices for identical products at these select top online retailers: Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Toys R Us and Babies R Us

*Qualifying Proof of purchase includes; a complete competitor’s ad, website on a mobile device or print off of a website.

Target has been comparing prices on over 25,000 products, but they feel they need to take this direction if they want to keep customers. With the online retailer price match, Target is attempting to stop whats known as “Show-rooming,” which is where a customer will visit a store location to look at a physical product, but then order it online at a lower cost.

The 2012 holiday season saw an increase in online price matching, but this will be a trend that is sure to keep growing in the future. The Associated Press, wonders whether this move will it backfire for Target? Has Target made the price matching process customer friendly enough? Does this encourage more people to shop online to find the low prices, driving down Target’s profits even more? I guess the future will tell.

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