Ten Tech Gifts He Actually Wants

Are you still struggling with gift ideas for the men in your life? If the guys on your gift list are as picky as me, then I feel bad for you. Whether we say we don’t want anything or if it seems like we have everything, there is always something out there that is a perfect match. Because I feel badly enough about being so hard to buy for, I’m going to try and get some good karma back by giving you my list of the perfect, ten tech gifts under $250 for the men in your life. tech gifts for him


Sony NSZGS7 Internet Player

This is the perfect addition to any man’s home theater setup. The Sony NSZGS7 Internet Player packs a serious punch when it comes to coolness factor and puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing your home entertainment. What really sets this wireless Internet Player apart is that it comes pre-loaded with Google TV, is Android and Google Play App-compatible, and it works with 3D movies and 3D TVs. The $170 price tag at TigerDirect is a bargain for a tech gift with this many features.

Logitech Wireless Headset F540

While we are talking TV, here’s a great gift idea for the guy who loves to play video games and who loves to turn the television volume up really loud. This wireless headset is compatible with Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles and provides both voice and game audio. Your guy will love that he can play up to 10 hours on one charge and can also play while the headset charges with a simple USB connection. You’re going to love that you’ll no longer be awakened by exploding bombs and loud gunfire at two in the morning. You can pick up this great video gaming accessory for around $100 at Amazon.

GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

Is the man in your life more of a golfer than a gamer? Pick him up one of these ultra-cool rangefinders. While most rangefinders only display distances, this one actually speaks the distances to you with the push of one button. It is also small enough to clip on a golf visor or belt and comes pre-loaded with information from golf courses around the world. Simplicity and accuracy are what sets the GolfBuddy Voice apart from the competition. The golfer in your life will love it and you’ll love the fact that you can pick one up for less than $130 at Abe’s of Maine.

Bushnell BackTrack Personal GPS

Sticking with the GPS theme, this Bushnell BackTrack Personal GPS is a great gift for the outdoorsman. Unlike the GolfBuddy, which does one thing and one thing well, this GPS comes loaded with a wide-array of functions and features. But that’s what makes it the perfect gift for the man who loves to trek into the outdoors on adventures. This weather-resistant GPS can track time, temperature, altitude, distance and much more. And to keep up with today’s connected world, not only can you upload data to a computer, but it also allows you to upload to email and social media. You can track one of these down at Bass Pro Shops for $100.

GoPro HD Hero 3

While the man in your life is enjoying his outdoor adventures, he might also want to document them with video. And if he’s going to shoot video, nothing captures real life like high-definition. GoPro cameras are a favorite of professional outdoor athletes because they are versatile, durable, water-resistant and can mount on just about any surface including the person shooting video. These video cameras receive high customer ratings and can capture amazing point of view images. If your guy likes to kayak, jump out of planes, surf, climb rocks or just play in the woods; he’s going to love using his GoPro to capture his adventures and show them off to his buddies. Give the man in your life bragging rights for around $200 at Walmart.

Fitbit Ultra

Maybe your guy doesn’t jump out of planes or scale rocks, but he does like to hit the gym every day after work. The Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker is a great gift for someone who wants to stay in shape. It keeps track of your workouts – steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, etc. – and uploads all of your data wirelessly. One of the biggest differences between Fitbit and many exercise monitoring devices is that you can access your data on your favorite mobile device through both iPhone and Android apps. This high-tech exercise accessory is a bargain at Amazon for less than $100.

Kindle Fire

This is one of the hottest gifts for just about anyone this holiday season. The latest tablet from Amazon comes with an amazing HD display and anti-glare technology so your guy can read, watch a movie, play a game or even update his Facebook status while relaxing outside in the sun. One of the great benefits of the Kindle is that you can now take advantage of unlimited cloud storage for your Amazon content. No more worrying about what movies, photos or books you need to delete to make room for new content! You can’t go wrong if you give a Kindle Fire 7” tablet to the guy in your life and the price of around $200 at Staples isn’t too bad either.

JBL OnBeat Air Loudspeaker Dock

You can’t go wrong with a cool iPhone, iPod, iPad accessory. And when that accessory is one from JBL that just makes it a must-have product for any music lover. This loudspeaker dock allows you to stream music wirelessly from AirPlay enabled devices including the Apple products mentioned earlier as well as PC and Mac computers. A feature that sets this docking speaker apart from others is that it can also connect to your television so you can view downloaded videos, movies and photos from your mobile device. Buy one of these at Amazon for around $140 and you’re sure to see a smile on his face.

Jabra Drive Bluetooth Wireless Speakerphone

A speaker of a different type; the Jabra Drive allows for hands-free conversation and music playback while in your car. There are many Bluetooth wireless speakerphones on the market but not many are as simple to use as the Jabra Drive. You just turn it on and its voice guidance system walks you through the simple steps to connect your device. Another feature that sets this apart is that you are able to connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and then switch back and forth effortlessly without complicated connection issues. This is a great gift at a great price. You’ll be able to pick this up at Newegg for less than $40.

SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack

This last item on my list is not really a high-tech electronic gift. Instead, it is a backpack that is designed for the person who is carrying around a lot of cool new electronic gadgets they received as gifts. The SwissGear backpack comes with many features that set it apart from other backpacks. There is a padded compartment for your laptop and smaller pockets to hold your chargers and other accessories. It features an airflow system and stretchy side pockets that are big enough to hold 1-liter water bottles. And of course, there are many other compartments that are perfect for holding books, tablets, workout clothes and other tech or non-tech items. One of the biggest benefits of this backpack is the price tag of around $40 at Sam’s Club.

So there you have my list for some very cool high-tech gifts under $250 for the man or men in your life. Did I leave anything off or do you have an opinion on one of these gift ideas? Please share in the comments below.

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