The Beatles – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Mixtape

Side 1 – She Loves Me

  • “I want You (She’s So Heavy)”

Beyond the layers of guitar and keyboards repeating over and over again, this song captures one’s love for someone else in such a simple yet effective way: “I want you so bad it’s driving me mad.”

  • “In My Life”

After reflecting on his life, the singer realizes he loves the object of his affection most. It’s The Beatles’ most encompassing song about love, and perhaps their most powerful.

  • “Eight Days A Week”

Of all their early songs about love, this one is probably their most clever. They’ll love you eight days a week but there’s only seven days in a week. Awww.

  • “Till There Was You”

This cover song describes how the world opens up once you fall in love. Paul has a great vocal performance, and the lyrics have such great imagery.

  • “I Will”

Short and sweet, this song has a melancholy feel, but it sends a great message: Whatever you want me to do, for a love like you, I will.

  • “Michele”

This song breathes romance from the speakers. A guy is singing to a girl named Michele, and it has french! Tres romantique! This song is perfect for anyone dating someone named Michele. If you’re dating a Julia, they also have you covered.

  • “I’ve Just Seen A Face”

This song captures that everlasting moment when a guy sees a girl as they pass down a street and he just cannot get her out of his head. It’s that love where you know you must go after her or else miss out on the love of your life.

  • “Something”

By far the most popular love song the band did. Frank Sinatra once said it was the best song Lennon and McCartney wrote. Unfortunately, it was written by George Harrison.


Side 2 – She Loves Me Not

  • “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”

John Lennon channeling Bob Dylan. He has lost his love and now everyone’s laughing at him and all he wants to do is hide. They try to give him advice, but he just doesn’t want to hear it.

  • “I’m Looking Through You”

Despite it’s peppy beat, the lyrics in this song are critical and condescending – “The only difference is you’re down there.” Moral of this song: People change and so does love.

  • “Run For Your Life”

The opening line “I’d rather see you dead little girl than to be with another man,” lifted directly from an Elvis song, sets the tone to The Beatles’ darkest song. Even by today’s standards it comes off as a bit disturbing.

  • “I’m a Loser”

The singer in this song is just begging you to pity him. The lyrics are filled with vivid metaphors that he uses to describe just how he screwed up. Maybe if he didn’t come off as such a whiner, he wouldn’t be a loser.

  • “Don’t Bother Me”

A guy who doesn’t like to be alone tells you to leave him alone. A broken heart can make you quite contradictory. He’s just going to keep waiting for her.

  • “I’ll Cry Instead”

A rockabilly sound hides the arc that this song goes through. First the singer is sad. Then he’s a bit mean-spirited (“If I could see you now / I’d try to make you sad somehow”). Finally, he says he will be back and you’d better hide all the girls. For now though, he’d rather just cry.

  • “Baby’s In Black”

It’s that classic love triangle – boy loves girl, but she loves another. This song has added sadness because the object of the girl’s affections won’t return the favor and so she dresses in black. In this story, everyone’s sad.

  • “Yesterday”

Yes, one of the most popular songs ever is about lost love. McCartney looks back, hoping to be able to do it over again. When that doesn’t happen, he just wants to run and hide. Simple, haunting, beautiful – the song was a departure for the band and will go down in history as one of their best.


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