The Best Back to School Backpacks

Shopping for the Perfect Back To School Backpack

The back to school list seems to grow longer each year. Finding the right backpack is key, because it happens to be an essential item on the list.

Looking at all the new backpacks with cool characters when back to school shopping is loads of fun. These backpacks are all the rave, but are often not made of quality. Backpacks with Disney princesses and action heroes are usually made with the intent to last for maybe a year. Yet, actually purchasing a new, trendy backpack every year can slim your wallet.

A more reasonable route is purchasing a quality made backpack that will last for years to come and will always be in style. Solid colors or classic prints (i.e. polka dots and stripes) are your best bet. I promise they can still be cute or cool. You may be surprised how many companies provide valuable guarantees that they truly stand by.

Top 5 Stores to Purchase a Quality Backpack

Lands’ End

  • Lands’ End guarantees the quality of their products forever and always. They prove their guarantee by accepting a return in 2005 from an original purchase in 1984, that’s 21 years later. To top it off you’ll receive 6% cash back through FatWallet. Backpack Shown is the Large ClassMate Backpack for $49.99

L.L. Bean

  • L.L. Bean was established in 1912. They have been around a long time and want their products to withstand the test of time too. They guarantee their quality 100%, which means if something goes wrong you can return the backpack at anytime. Plus save 2% cash back with FatWallet and free shipping with no minimum order amount. Backpack shown is the North Ridge Backpack for $59.95

Under Armour

  • Under Armour is known for their high performance athletic gear. They create gear to ensure body temperature comfort while being active. Their reputation of high performance materials and 100% satisfaction guarantee confirms their backpacks are made of high quality as well. In fact, the backpack straps are made from their HeatGear to ensure comfort. The backpack is also water repellent. Under Armour will return your item for a full refund at anytime fore any reason. Not to mention you’ll gain 6% cash back from FatWallet. Backpack shown is the UA Exeter Storm Backpack for $64.99


  • Backcountry is a company I honestly love. I’ve made many personal orders from this company. They also provide a 100% guarantee. They vow to issue full store credit at any time, if any gear fails. Better yet, they offer a price match guarantee within 48 hours of your purchase. You’ll receive free shipping on orders over $50 plus 4% cash back with FatWallet. Backpack shown is The North Face Isabella Backpack for $59.47-$84.94

The North Face

  • North Face is recognized for their top-notch outdoor gear, but they have excellent backpacks for school as well. The North Face offers a lifetime warranty, which means if the backpack breaks due to a manufacturing defect they will repair or replace the product. Save 2.5% cash back on orders with FatWallet. Backpack shown is the Borealis Backpack for $89.00

See quality backpacks can look cool and cute too. ☺

Your initial purchase of one of these quality guaranteed backpacks may be more money, but in the end you will save money. Only purchasing one backpack to last for years will offer more bang for your buck than buying a new cheaper backpack each year. Plus it will shorten your future back to school lists.

Happy Shopping!

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