The Best Buck Boosting North American iPhone apps

It seems in today’s gadget obsessed world everybody is a proud owner of an Apple iPhone. Ask your friends or co-workers and the majority of them will say they own an iPhone or know somebody who has one. Many people will also be aware of the thousands of popular iPhone apps currently available for download, like Angry Birds or Ruben’s Jungle, to name but a few. But many may not be aware that for a certain group of thrifty iPhone users, their devices are being used to save money. It’s true, since the global recession, the average North American has become extremely careful when it comes to their expenses and as the majority of North Americans have an iPhone, many users are now making huge savings by downloading money saving apps. So, without further wait, below, are 10 money saving apps specifically designed to save iPhone users some serious money. Enjoy!

1. More gas for your money!

Gas Buddy – The majority of North Americans will tell you that when it comes to gas, prices seem to be on the constant rise. Finding the cheapest gas station can be a tiresome process. But fear not because the Gas Buddy app is here to help! Using your phones GPS, this free app locates the nearest gas station displaying their current prices and allows you to sort either by price or distance. This useful app relies on people power to submit new prices and even offers an incentive to do so. For every gas price reported you earn points which go towards weekly giveaways where you could win a $250 gas coupon.

2. Lower your grocery bills!

Grocery IQ – mobile grocery deal finder
Have you heard about the iPhone app called Grocery IQ If not then you will be interested to discover that this iPhone app aims to hunt down the cheapest grocery deals wherever you are. Using the GPS signal to recognize the best grocery deals in your area and then immediately pings you their top 5 deals. Whether you fancy an amazing salad deal or a two for one offer on burgers, this app will help you hunt out the best meal deals available!!

3. Taxi!

Taxi Magic – How many times have you needed a yellow taxi but haven’t got their number at hand? Well, thanks to the iPhone app known simply as Taxi Magic, lateness is now a thing of the past. Wherever you are, this clever little app finds you the nearest and cheapest taxi rank.

4. Free Internet Access!

Wi-Fi Finder – With the popular Wi-Fi Finder you have access to more than 200,000 localities across a multitude of American and Canadian states. This means that you don’t have to waste money paying for internet access giving you a fatter wallet!

5. Find the Best Black Friday Deals!

Fatwallet – Black Friday Deal Finder – After your lovely relaxing Thanksgiving break, the busiest shopping day of the year will be upon us. Using Fatwallet’s innovative deal finder to organize and plan your day of shopping, this awesome app is the only best friend you’ll need by your side! The app sends users notifications each time a retailer publishes a deal allowing them to create a customized shopping list and share them with friends as a text or email. Users have the ability to sort results by store, category, brand, price range and search by phrases. This is the perfect app to aid you in your shopping to find the best deals on the biggest shopping day of the year.

6. Cheap Mobile Banking!

Bank of AMerica Mobile Banking – ATM Finder – Thanks to the innovative Bank of America Mobile Banking app, you can do your day-to-day banking transactions on your smart phone at just a touch of a button. The tool also alerts you to where the nearest Bank of America ATM machines and branches are, thanks to your smart phones built in GPS system. Simply type in the street address or Zip code you are after and it will take your right there. This fantastic tool saves you money whenever you desperately need to use a specific Bank of America ATM.

7. Turn Over a New Page!

Stanza – Free eBook reader – Who says you need to spend large amount of money on electronic books like the Kindle when you can simply choose from a catalogue of thousands of classic novels thanks to the latest tool called Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, and many, many more

8. Overcharge No More!

Awesome Tip Calculator – Make sure you never tip more than you need to thanks to iPhones new Awesome Tip Calculator. The application works out 10 % of your total amount to scientific precision, meaning you never over tip!

9. Bargain Hunter! You have two options for this one!

ShopSavvy – I hate it when I have just bought an item of clothing only to find I could have got it a lot cheaper elsewhere. Well, thanks to the ShopSavvy app, you will never again miss out on a bargain. Simply scan in the barcode from the item of clothing you wish to buy and within seconds, you will receive a cheaper deal! Once you are happy with the price, you can purchase it online and wait for delivery all from the comfort of your iPhone.

Barcode Bargain Buster!

The Find – Similar to ShopSavvy, The Find uses the barcode to locate the cheapest prices on the Internet and at clothes outlets in your neighbourhood – In addition, the application will send you any coupons or voucher codes associated with the item of clothing you wish to buy.

10. Get Lucky!

Shop Lucky – Some say this is the king of American money saving clothes apps. Lucky Magazine’s App not only has access to one of the largest database of voucher codes available in America it also allows US users to pic check the availability of practically any item of clothing or piece of jewellery. A fantastic feature of the tool is Lucky’s daily deals, where users can get a staggering 50% off of a selection of exclusive deals.

So there you have it, my 10 exciting North American iPhone apps aimed at saving you money. By using your iPhone in a more frugal way you can really make saving money a fun exercise. Did you like this article? Do you use any money saving iPhone apps? Leave your comments below and let me know.

Written by Rahul Mistry who helps people find the best mortgage rates.

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