The Best Ways to Beat the Winter Blues!

Let’s face it, Christmas is over, and any snow we get now is just an inconvenience. There’s no song about dreaming of a white Valentine’s Day. At this point I’ve had enough of the Polar Vortex and am ready for some sunny days. The zero degree weather (not to mention the wind chill!) in Wisconsin has had me dreaming of warm sun and sandy beaches. Of course the obvious thing would be to hop on a plane and head south, but we all know that isn’t cheap!

So how do you make the best of the winter chill and brighten your mood to hold you through until spring? We’re here to help!

Stay warm!

Throw a Beach Party Indoors!

Crank up the heat and close the blinds. With the right atmosphere you just might be able to forget about the weather outside! Break out the tropical accessories — towels, beach balls, leis, sand buckets and shovels. Bring a kiddie pool inside and fill it up with water and maybe some sand, as long as you’re not worried about a mess. Then blast some Beach Boys to get you in the mood. Bring back the summer recipes for themed food and drinks. Don’t forget the games! Limbo is a classic.

Get Out of Bed and Be Productive!

Raise your spirits by keeping a regular sleep schedule and staying on top of your tasks. Don’t spend your day slouching and slugging, but get out of bed and do something. Making plans with people can help you be accountable and give you something to look forward to. Going out with friends can certainly count as being productive!

Eat Healthier and Get More Vitamin D!

Put down the junk food that you’ve been munching on while hiding under your blanket. Eating healthier is not only better for you, but it will make you feel better about yourself, which will make you feel more positive overall. Also, it’s important to remember that with less sun means that there is less natural Vitamin D. Consider taking supplements or eating Vitamin D rich foods.

Get Some Exercise!

It’s a proven fact that working out can improve your mood, both chemically and psychologically. The rush of endorphins can give you a boost for your day. Plus, shedding some of the holiday pounds can help you gain confidence, leading to a better outlook. It’s a win-win!

Embrace the Winter!

There are a lot of fun things you can do outside. Remember being a kid and frolicking outside? Go sledding! Build a snow fort or a snowman! Have a snowball fight! Changing your attitude towards the winter can help you be more positive. Try something you’ve never done before, like snow shoeing or cross country skiing!

Or, you could always travel!

Maybe traveling is the best way to go! Do some browsing and try and score something cheap. Instead of going to one of the more touristy places, find someplace less traveled. Chances are you’ll have just as good a time, and you’ll create invaluable memories.

Anything we missed? What do you like to do in the winter? Let us know in the comments!

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