The Engaged Workplace: 3 Tips To Make Your Job Better

Unless you own a business or you’re a high-level manager, you most likely don’t think about employee engagement as a daily task or something you can initiate. Successful employee engagement can be the foundation of a successful company and, it can make your job a much more rewarding experience – feel a little less like work.

There are a few elements of this engagement I’ve learned working here at FatWallet that I will take with me should we ever part ways. In fact, FatWallet was just nominated as one of the 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in America. Like me, my coworkers are very proud of this and thankful to have this kind of knowledge. It’s more than work, it’s a place we all want to be.

Here are a three things I’ve learned that you can start implementing (or suggest), that should really help build an exciting engaged workplace.

SHARE – We live in a very competitive world and often times sharing means
giving up your edge, or so we think. Actually, sharing knowledge that can help a coworker get through a tricky task keeps workflow moving smoothly, and gives you stature among your peers. Managers recognize this and often will reward you for showing leadership qualities. Try (or suggest) creating a quick daily huddle where these “stucks” can be communicated and often times weeded out with a quick brainstorm. Better to engage and fix them before they become “your” problem.

CELEBRATE – It shouldn’t just be the manager’s exercise to acknowledge when someone does something extraordinary at work. This is a feel good op for all and we can take something good away from admiring accomplishments. Try (or suggest) creating some kind of visual award. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or costly. At FatWallet we give value stickers to recognize coworkers exhibiting our company core values in action. This peer-to-peer recognition can be a most coveted reward.

LEARN – Engagement is also about taking initiative to engage yourself in what you do. It’s reaching beyond daily tasks and challenging yourself to raise the bar. Technology is ever evolving with new tactics and tools to make us smarter and more productive. It’s your job to know what these are. Try learning new things and taking more initiative to engage in training tutorials that will make you more informed. Be in the know. In turn, you’ll like your
job better because you’ve not only made it easier,
but more rewarding.

For most of us, getting that paycheck is what we have to do, but it’s way better when it’s also something we want to do.

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