The Fatwallet Experience: The $100 Outfit Challenge

My name is Jessica, and I write articles on fashion. I love clothes, shoes, accessories and pretty much anything else related to wearable art! For a while now, I have been hearing about merchant savings and cash back sites that can save you big bucks on everything from fashion to furniture and more. Since I have the tendency to want to shop, shop, shop, I decided to take Fatwallet up on a challenge. The goal: To create a complete outfit from head to toe in under $100.00 by utilizing

Having never used Fatwallet before, I was both intrigued and skeptical as to the amount and type of savings that I would be seeing during this experience. As I began thinking about the kind of ensemble that I would like to purchase through the Fatwallet site, I decided that I wanted to buy items that transcend season and ever-changing fashion trends, staples if you will. I decided that ankle boots, leggings and a tunic would be ideal pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Step 1: Login

I, first, went to to see what merchants were affiliated with the site. Once I arrived, I realized that I needed to sign up for an account with Fatwallet. This was a simple, hassle free process that took all of 5 minutes to complete. The account is how your cash back is kept track of and is necessary if you wish to receive your cash back savings on purchases.

Step 2: Cash Back

I went to the “Cash Back Stores” link on the site and saw many familiar names, like Kate Spade, Express, Amazon, Gap and Macy’s, among many other department stores. It was easy to scroll through the huge list of merchants to find my personal favorites. As Urban Outfitters, Kohls and Steve Madden are some of my favorite stores, I decided that I would tackle the shopping challenge at these locations. Cash back savings seemed to average between 3-10% on any given merchant, but Urban Outfitters was offering 3%, Steve Madden 5% and Kohl’s 2%.

Step 3: Promotion Code/Coupon

I selected the individual merchant links that interested me and was taken to a page dedicated to the merchant’s discount and promotional offers on the Fatwallet site. Each store’s link from the Cash Back Stores page had several discounts that I could stack for additional savings on my soon-to-be purchases. I was able to find an additional savings promotion for each of my preferred stores, including a 20% off all items code for Kohl’s (sunflower), a 10% off promo code for Urban Outfitters (wackslacks) and a free shipping code for Steve Madden (smfreeship). Fatwallet transferred me directly to the merchant’s site by clicking on the promo link that I hoped to take advantage of.

Step 4: Shop Site

Since I was, purposefully, trying to stay under $100 for the total cost of my ensemble, I decided to check out the “Sale” and “Clearance” items first. Luckily, there were millions of things to choose from at each of the three stores. Many items were already discounted 20-50% off their original prices, which set me up for some extreme savings opportunities. As I loaded items into my checkout cart and added in the promotion codes, I was instantly gratified with quality products at an unbeatable price. I suddenly realized that the $100 ensemble challenge was not going to be so difficult to succeed after all.

Step 5: Save and Celebrate

Everyone needs basics in their wardrobe, so I started out my ensemble by purchasing a pair of black leggings from Kohls. I then bought a unique, button up top from Urban Outfitters that could be worn as a dress in the spring/summer and a tunic over leggings in the fall/winter season. My prize purchase was a pair of black leather, metal-studded, ankle boots from Steve Madden. Considering I still had some money to spare, I added a pair of metal aviator sunglasses to my Urban Outfitters cart just before checkout.

My $100 went far, thanks to Fatwallet. Here’s the rundown of how my challenge ended:

Original Price: $20 Kohl’s black leggings
Sale Price: 50% off (savings of $10) $10
After Coupon Price: 20% off all items (savings of $2)
Total Price Paid: $8.00
Cash Back on Total Price: 2% -$.16
Final Price Paid After Savings: $7.84

Original Price: $59 Urban Outfitters Mia Silky Tunic
Sale Price: $29.99 (savings of $29.01)
After Coupon Price: 10% off, free shipping over $50 (savings of $3 + shipping)
Total Price Paid: $26.99
Cash Back on Total Price: 3% -$.81
Final Price Paid After Savings: $26.18

Original Price: $199.95 Steve Madden Outlast Black Leather Boots
Sale Price: $49.99 (savings of $149.96)
After Coupon Price: free shipping
Total Price Paid: $49.99
Cash Back on Total Price: 5% -$2.50
Final Price Paid After Savings: $47.49

Original Price: $14 Urban Outfitters Aviator Sunglasses
After Coupon Price: 10% off, free shipping over $50 (savings of $1.40 + shipping)
Total Price Paid: $12.60
Cash Back on Total Price: 3% -$0.38
Final Price Paid After Savings: $12.22

Total Price Paid for Outfit: $93.73

Discovering Fatwallet was one of the best things for my closet and my wallet. Looking back, I didn’t even take advantage of the ultimate savings. By purchasing with a rewards credit card or utilizing Kohl’s cash, I could have saved even more! The versatility of savings that is offered by Fatwallet is unparalleled and has not gone unnoticed by consumers. All in all, I’d say I made out like a bandit, and you will too if you take the extra step and shop through

Share your favorite shopping savings experience in the comments below!

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