The People of FatWallet

I’ve told the “I started FatWallet with $100” story so many times. Some people care about that story.

Some people care just about “what is in it for me?”. OK, that is fair, and probably more honest than some people care to admit.

When I started FatWallet, it was a hobby.

Fast forward 10 years, and I pull in to a parking lot full of cars that are parked there by the good people that work at FatWallet. Dedicated toward serving the consumer community.

At last count, we have 58 employees. We like to call them “Walleteers” just to be a bit more fun about it.

FatWallet has been a successful website for ten years now. The proof is that there are now 58 people that have jobs serving millions of visitors every month.

Nothing makes me more proud of Fatwallet than knowing that good people have good jobs and that we are focused not on being an advertising company, but focused on serving the consumer community.

We can talk all we want about the millions of dollars that we’ve saved people over the years. The thing that will always resonate the most with me is seeing the people in the company grow, not just in number, but growing personally. That is what keeps me going.

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