Tip 63: Buyer Beware of Commitment & Consistency Sales Tricks

There are 63 days until Black Friday 2011 and we’re counting them down with money saving and holiday shopping tips.

Protect your Black Friday budget by knowing the 6 marketing mind games (based on the book Influence, the Power of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini) that stores and sales people play on you to get you to buy!

Today’s Tip:

Buyer Beware of Commitment & Consistency

“But Daddy, you said!”

Marketer’s know you don’t like disappointing your kids (spouse or anyone else for that matter) and they use it to get you to spend more than you plan on, year after year. Here’s how…

Every year, without fail, manufacturers market a toy like crazy, building up the hype so that every kid on the block (including yours) has gotta have it. It’s “game over” for mom and dad when your kids ask you if they can have it for Christmas or worse yet, ask for it from Santa, leaving you and thousands of other parents desperate to find it.

Then manufacturers purposely under deliver the product to the stores because they know you’re going to compensate by getting the kids something else. You have to because of commitment and consistency…you feel committed to get them something they’ll love as much as the hot gift. How can you not with the pressure parents feel to please on Christmas morning.

Finally, after getting you to spend $ (possibly more than you planned on to compensate for the guilt) during the holidays, manufacturers stock the shelves with the item you originally wanted in Jan/Feb to boost their sales in the slow winter time.

This is not coincidence…it’s a clever marketing trick that preys on your natural tendencies of commitment and consistency. Marketers know we’re likely to agree that our kids can have ______ and that we are psychologically compelled to carry through consistently on that decision even if it’s January.

We fall for this year after year because it’s such a persuasive marketing mind game.

Make sure you’re buying what you’re buying because it’s the right item, at the right price, at the right time…otherwise it’s not a good deal.

62 Tips to Go! :) Please feel free to share any black Friday countdown ideas you have and any topics you’d like me to touch upon in the comments below.

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