Tips to Finding Grocery Coupons Online

There are lots of places to find printable and digital coupons online. Check out these tips to finding the best websites for coupons!

Websites to Checkout

So in last week’s post, “Tips to Finding Your Sunday Coupon Inserts,” I told you how to find a great deal on your newspaper subscriptions, but papers aren’t the only great places to find coupons. I get a lot of coupons from internet sites as well.

Here are a few of my favorite sites for coupons.

Some sites offer printable coupons as well as digital coupons which you can load directly to your saver cards at stores like Kroger, Vons, and Giant Eagle:

Be sure to check out FatWallet’s grocery coupon forum for some other great sites. I would also check out the websites for the stores you frequently shop at; many of them have printable and digital coupons available too.

Mistakes made with printable and digital coupons

The biggest mistake I made when I first started couponing was checking each site and immediately starting to print any coupons that looked good or that I thought I might use. Now, I’ve learned to browse each site on the first of each month and I only print ones that I know I will use (yogurt, cheese, produce, fruit snacks, Goldfish crackers.) Then later in the month if I come across a good sale, I’ll go back to the sites and print the additional coupons I want to use. This will save you time printing, clipping, and organizing coupons you may not end up using before they expire.

Helpful Coupon Blogs

I also like to read the following blogs for additional help finding coupons:

And of FatWallet’s grocery coupon forum also has lots of great grocery coupon deals. Also FatWallet, can help you so you never miss a deal or coupon you are looking for. Sign up for topic alerts by checking out this blog post: FatWallet Tip: Never Miss Coupons and Deals with Topic Alerts.

Coupon Databases

If you still are in search of a coupon for a specific product, check out or These sites will direct you to a website, coupon insert, or magazine for the product you are looking for. also lets you search deals by stores in your area. I like to use this sight after I’ve scanned the ads each week to see if I’ve missed something.

Bargain Buys of the Week

Check out Walgreens again this week for some great deals on Reach toothbrushes and floss (4-17 SS1 or June All You), “free” Keri lotion (7/17 SS), cheap Dial body wash (8-7 RP), 40% off Revlon products and Register Rewards available when you buy $10 or more, cheap Hot Pockets (use Walgreens store coupon & 8/21 SS). Some Kmart stores are also doubling coupons up to 99 cents this week. Call your store to find out if they are participating.

FatWallet tip: This post is part of an ongoing series of posts for the couponers and those who wanna be couponers! You may access all the posts on Shannen’s author page. Please be sure to check out the grocery coupons and deals forum here on FatWallet to get great deals and connect with other couponers!

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