Tips to Finding Coupons in your Sunday Inserts


The best place to get coupon inserts each week is from your local newspapers. Follow these tips to find which paper in your area will get you the most high dollar coupons each week.

Papers you should subscribe to or purchase each Sunday

The newspaper that generally has the most coupons in it each Sunday is the largest newspaper serving your market area. Many times not only will this paper have more coupons, the coupons will also have a higher dollar value. For example, in the Chicagoland area, the Tribune will get you the most coupons and inserts each week. Other papers will have coupons but they are generally not as “good” as the ones found in the largest newspaper for the area.

I recommend doing some research in your area if you aren’t sure which paper is the largest. Two sites that are helpful are and Simply put in your address, and it will tell you which papers should have your inserts each week. Again keep in mind that these links may show several papers in your area as having the inserts, but remember the largest newspaper will have the best coupons.

You could also go out and buy all the different papers in your area and compare the coupons. You’ll be surprised at the difference, and you’ll have multiple coupons to get you started couponing!

Get a deal on your subscription

Once you’ve determined which paper to buy, start calling them directly and see what kind of deals they can offer you. Many of us probably read our papers online, so a 7 day subscription is probably not necessary. Save yourself some money and see if you can get a Sunday only subscription. In my area, we can sometimes get the Tribune for as low as 50 cents a week for a Sunday only subscription. You can also do some searching on the paper’s website or just search online for subscription deals on your specific paper.

What if you’re out of area for the paper to be delivered?

This was a challenge for me when I first started coupon shopping. My friends and I found ways to get our paper until we could get the one we wanted delivered (several calls directly to the paper were necessary!). If you can’t get a subscription, you can probably buy it on newsstands in your area. Sometimes stores may offer them for a discounted price (like in my area sometimes Menards or Dollar Tree will sell the Tribune for $1 instead of $3), but even if it’s not discounted paying a few dollars to get your coupons shouldn’t be a big deal breaker. Just make sure that the papers you buy do indeed have inserts in them.

If you still can’t get your inserts each week, check out You can buy individual inserts as well as combo packs each week, but you have to be quick here too. She’s pretty popular and often sells out fast!

Support your local papers too

Just because your local paper may not have the best coupons, I still recommend buying them to get your news from. I get my local paper three days a week for our local news, but on Sundays I also subscribe to the larger paper in my area.

Bargain Buys of the Week

Target has some “ok” deals on Quaker granola bars (print a coupon from, Yoplait Gogurt (print a 75 cent off 2 from or use 75 cents off 2 from your 8-7 General Mills insert), and Schick Hydro Razors (Use coupons from your 8-7 Smart Source). I’ve actually gotten these cheaper at Walgreens before, so if you don’t need razors right now, you may want to hold on to those coupons.

Walgreens also has “free” or cheap toothbrushes this week. (Use coupons from your 7-31 SS(Smart Source), July All You magazine,4/17 SS1, or if you still have some 1/09 SS2 inserts.) They also have a great deal on Revlon nail polish.

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