Too Broke to Buy an eReader? Free Resources for You!

Don’t have the budget for a eReader yet?

Do you love to read and want the convenience of an eReader and benefits of free books without having to go to the library?

I’m with you. With all the great eReader coupons and discounts here on FatWallet it’s tempting to splurge on an eReader sooner than later, but I am trying to patiently wait for black Friday sales so I can let my checkbook recover from the back to school damage that’s been done.

But in the meantime I’ve learned there are ways to have my free eBooks and read them too!

Free eReader Apps

Even if you haven’t jumped aboard the eReader wagon yet, you don’t have to be left behind! You can download these apps to your computer or your phone.

Free Audio & eBooks:

Now that you’ve got your apps, here are more free books than you’ll be able to read in your lifetime!

Have any other great eReader resources to add to the list? Please share them in the comments and of course, if you liked the post, please “like” it on Facebook.

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