Top 7 Ways to Save Around the House

If you’re not careful, expenses can nickel and dime you left, right, and center. And so we always have to be on the lookout for ways to save at the grocery store or the mall. But you can also save money at home with a few simple changes to your lifestyle. Here are the top seven ways to save money around the house.

7. Lights Out

You can’t get simpler than this as far as keeping your wallet fat goes. If you’re not using a room in your house, turn out the lights. Even if you have fluorescent bulbs installed, why run them there’s no one in the room? And, unless you’re performing open heart surgery in your living room or den, these rooms don’t need to be lit light operating rooms either.

6. Can’t Take The Heat

Turn the heat down. The human race invented clothing as protection against the cold. And, once paid for, you don’t have to keep on paying for them. But you do with heating. Every month. Now, you don’t have to watch TV with icicles hanging off your nose, but you don’t need to live in a sauna either. Keep the heat at a comfortable level and let your clothes provide that extra layer of warmth.

5. Hang ’em Dry

You might think you have to live in Arizona for this money saving tip, but that’s not the case. This tip is good all year round. In the Summer, hang your wet laundry in any sunny spot and it will be dry in a matter of minutes. In the Winter, hang them over the heater keeping out the chill and you’ll get the same results. The bottom line is you won’t be using the dryer and you’ll save a lot!

4. It’s In The Bag

They give you bags at the store; sometimes they even charge you for them. So why not put them to use? They can be used for garbage, storage, lunch bags, etc. and you won’t have to buy all of the individual products designed to perform these functions. That adds up to substantial savings.

3. Fan-tastic!

Everyone talks about how much they love that summer heat. Until they see there electricity bill after running the air conditioner around the clock. Then you’re more likely to be hot under the collar. Fans use a fraction of the energy of air conditioner and come in all shapes and sizes

2. Take It Lying Down

Running the shower means hot water and the money to heat it both going down the drain. Switch to baths instead and save on those hot water bills. Once the tub is full, you can lounge in there as long as you like and you’ll save enough for that rubber ducky.

1. Slay The Vampires

They lurk in every corner of your house. In just about every appliance. When your computer, TV, coffee maker, microwave and re-charger are off, these energy vampires creep out. They are the clocks on these devices or the little red lights that tell you the machines are turned off. And they can add up to almost 15% of your annual electricity bill. Put these devices on a power strip and turn the strip off at night.

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