Top Tips for a Free Spring Clean



The joys of spring are upon us and the promise of sunshine makes each day that little more special. The flowers are blossoming, the trees are flourishing and the sky is bright and blue. It’s this time of year when people across the world are taking big steps to get their homes into tip-top condition, ready to make the most of all that spring and summer has to offer!

Here is a super springtime clear-out checklist that will help you and your family cleanse your home and mind without hiring a clean-out service. A house with an averaged three rooms would cost around $100 a day to clean. How much will the following steps cost? Let’s find out!

Clear Out Your Cupboards

Over the year, and especially at Christmas, we fill our cupboards with all sorts of products that we simply never use. Start your kitchen spring cleaning by getting rid of anything that has gone past its sell-by date. You’ll be amazed how much space you are taking up with inedible food! Cost so far: $0.00.

Stow Away Those Winter Clothes

No doubt you’ve been adding to your winter coat collection all winter, but now that the sunshine is replacing the dark wintery days, you can make space in your wardrobes by packing up your winter clothes and storing them in the attic! Whilst you’re at it, bag up any unwanted clothes that you haven’t warn for a while (or don’t fit into anymore) and take them to your local charity shop! Don’t be afraid to be ruthless, that’s what spring cleaning is all about! Cost so far: $0.00.

Fabulous, Fresh, Fantastic, Fruity and Fragrant Flowers!

Use good old fashioned soapy water to spruce up your vases and prepare them for the arrival of the beautiful spring blooms. Nothing says “Spring” and “Summer” like a vase of fresh flowers! Cost so far: $1.00 – bar of soap.

Freshen up! Freshen up!

Spring cleaning is about being bold! Get your bed linen and towels in the washing machine and add a brightening agent to breathe in a new lease of life! Crispy-clean and spring-fresh! Cost so far: $10.00 – Laundry detergent, which you should already have.

Breathe in Some Fresh Air and Blow Out the Cobwebs!

It’s not something we do on a daily basis so if you are going to do it, do it properly! Use a feather duster to clean cob webs from those hard-to-reach areas. If a feather duster is too old-fashioned for you, try using your vacuum cleaner – both work equally as well. While you are on a cobweb busting roll, we suggest going over your lamp shades, you’ll be amazed how much brighter and cleaner they’ll appear! Cost so far: $15.00 – five dollars for a feather duster.

Get Rid of Your Junk!

It doesn’t matter how clean your home is, old stuff occupies space, causes clutter, and gives out a gloomy aura—save that theme for the winter! I guarantee that at this point in time, you have too much stuff in your closets, garage, car trunk, desk drawer, or anything that can ‘hold’ items, really. If you have trouble throwing stuff out, store it in a storage room never to be opened again! Cost so far: $15.00.

Clean out the Tea Kettle or Coffee Maker

This is a simple to do and doesn’t require anything other than a half-and-half vinegar and water solution. Run it through your coffee pot and follow with a couple of pots of clear water to rinse. Or leave the solution in the tea kettle overnight, then using an old toothbrush or your finger to dislodge any stubborn bits of lime scale. Rinse out thoroughly a couple of times and finish off by boiling some water to eliminate any odor of vinegar. Cost so far: $15.00.

So would you pay a maid service $100 dollars for a day-spring-cleanup or spend $15, and, let’s face it, the $15 are household items that you should have anyway. Maid services are ridiculously over-charged for an hours worth of work at maximum. Spring’s going to fly by and on comes summer—doing some cleaning yourself will get you in shape for the beach!

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