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travel dealsIs there anything better than the feeling of stepping onto an airplane or into a car heading on vacation? The stress of work, packing, and remembering to stop the mail is behind you and nothing awaits but memories to make and dreams to fulfill.

When’s the last time you took a vacation? We’ve heard all kinds of talk about staycations and budget vacations, but vacations are possible for those, even on a tight budget.

FatWallet is here to help! Travel deals are lower now than we expect to see all year, according to previous trends. So we’ve rounded up all the travel deals from our merchants into one place: Travel Deals!

Here you’ll find all our travel merchants, many with increased cash back, travel deals from our forums, and travel coupons!

FatWallet Travel Forums: The Cure for Cabin Fever on a Budget!

Speaking of travel deals from our forums? Have you explored our travel forum yet? It’s a great place to connect with and hear from experienced travels who have shared their tips and money saving secrets. Want a coupon code for a rental car, how to find the best airfare deals, or suggestions for a particular destination? The FatWallet travel forum is your answer!

Today’s Top Clicked Travel Merchant Deals:

Here’s what’s hot under the travel category here on FatWallet right now!

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