TOY Deals: Black Friday Recap and 2013 Predictions

Best of Black Friday Deals 2013Ready to “toy” with Black Friday 2013?

TOY Deals:

Toys and games deals more than tripled in 2012 with almost 4,500 Black Friday advertised offers (1,313 in 2011), 2,260+ were under $20 (866 in 2011) and 836 toy deals were under $10. Six top brands with more than 100 deals (Barbie, Disney, Leapfrog, LEGO, Vtech and Fisher-Price) with the latter with more than 230. Six retailers dominated with 75% of all toy deals (1,000+ from Toys R Us, 1,000+ Farm & Fleet/FleetFarm, 480 each from Kmart and Walmart, and 330 from Target). With so many to choose from, which rank as our best from last year and do any of our best stack up to current Toy Deals?

FatWallet tech/finance expert Bryan Marsden reviews 10 of the Most Popular Toy Deals from Black Friday 2012.

Furby Doll from Walmart

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$45 (was $54)

What’s old is new again. In the early 90s the Furby was one of the “it” toys sold, and last year the Furby made a come back. With it’s LCD eyes and updated functionality, it was one of the “must have” toys of the season. Even being able to get your hand on one of these furry little creatures was a challenge. To add to that challenge, Walmart dropped the price by $9. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s actually pretty good considering that stores had a hard time keeping them in stock at the retail price of $54.

Power Wheels My First Craftsman Truck from Kmart

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$144.99 (msrp $219.99)

What little kid didn’t want to drive around in a car when they were a kid? This all electric truck was based on the Ford F-150 pick up, that came with large tires for on and off road use. Powered by a 6 volt battery, it could hit 3.5 mph in forward and reverse. It was a popular deal because Kmart dropped the price on Black Friday to $145 from the retail tag of $219. It is currently listed at Kmart for $180, so the Black Friday price would even be a much better price today.

Disney Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Doll from Toys R Us

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$29.99 (was $39.99)

The Doc McStuffins toy is based on the hit cartoon from the Disney channel. As with the show, it quickly became one of the hottest products on the market in 2012. Don’t think it was just the kids that gave this toy the thumbs up, adults approved of it too. That’s because the show explained that going to the doctor was nothing to be afraid of, and it helped parents alleviate their kids fears of going to the doctor. To get people in the door on Black Friday, Toys R Us knocked $10 off a already hot item, and that is why it makes it on our list of best Black Friday toy deals. If you want to pick up one of these for this holiday season, check your local Walmart. They are currently on sale for last years Black Friday price!

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Learning Tablet from Walmart

– See Details.

The LeapPad 2 is one of those kid tested mom approved type of toys. LeapPad has 800+ educational apps, games, and ebooks available for download. It gives the kids a chance to take pictures, record video, and create art, while keeping their sticky fingers off Mom and Dad’s iPad or smartphone. There were also great accessories like silicone covers, and foam cases that zipped shut to hold game cartridges, making it easy to tote along on errands or to grandma’s house. Plus with a large age range (3-9) it is a toy that can grow with kids, making it a good investment.

48in Air Powered Hockey Table from Sears

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$39.99 (msrp $79.99)

Air Hockey for the game room seems to be a on going family tradition. It appeals to a wide range of ages from kids to adults, and has withstood the test of time. Last year was no different. Sears offered this air hockey table for $40, which is half the $80 retail price. It currently on sale for $65, so the Black Friday price really was an excellent deal.

Angry Birds 8-in. Darth Vader Star Wars Plush from Toys R Us

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$17.99 (msrp $19.99)

This toy was made popular by the hit video game Angry Birds Star Wars. Just about every kid that played the game had their favorite character, which put this toy in the high demand category. These retailed for $20, and on Black Friday all assorted characters were dropped to $18. It isn’t much of a deal, but 10% off this in-demand toy isn’t to bad. If your kids are just getting into Angry Birds Star Wars, they can now be bought for under $10 .

Swann Micro Attack Indoor RC Helicopter from Gander Mountain

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$19.99 (was $49.99)

We too often like to think that Christmas gifts that are toys are for kids, and, all kids want something nice and cute. On the contrary, adults like toys, too, and there are an abundance of kids that like toys that are military-like, army, battling, real-to-life toys. Enter the Swann Micro Helicopter. At the retail price of $50, we would have passed on it, but Gander Mountain dropped the price down to $20, which made it a solid deal. You can get it at almost Black Friday pricing today as the current price is $25.

Celestron 114mm Reflector Telescope w/ Tripod, Accessory Tray & SkyX Planetarium Software from Kohl’s

– See Details.
$79.99 (was $169.99)

Not all toys are created equal, and that totally applies to this telescope kit. While it wasn’t something that you child could play with like a Hot Wheel or a doll, it’s was great for the kid that was interested in star gazing, constellations, and planets. The kit came with everything you needed to get started. The kit retailed for $170 w/ the software, which isn’t a bad price considering you got a 6 eye piece kit (ranging from 4mm to 25mm) and a carrying case. Kohls dropped the price on Black Friday by a whooping $90 to bring it down to $80, which makes it a great deal.

Y-Volution YFliker F1 Scooter (Green & Black) from Toy R Us Depot

– See Details.
$79 (was $99)

This was the “must have” scooter last year, which is why it’s on the list. It’s wasn’t the traditional two wheeled scooter of the past. They added an additional wheel and wheel arm to form more stable “Y” rather than a two wheeled inline scooter. This changed the riding experience, and when you got the hang of it you didn’t need to push off with your feet to keep your forward momentum. It’s retail price tag was (and still is) $100. ToysRUs dropped it by $20 on Black Friday, which made this a solid deal on one of the years hottest items.

LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle (9450) from Toys R Us

– See Details.
$99.99 (was $139.99)

Who didn’t want a LEGO set when they were a kid? LEGO is one of the most popular toys on the planet, and they make 19 BILLION LEGO bricks each year. This LEGO set came with everything you needed to recreate the battle, including all weapons, traps, and a prison to hold the losers in. It retailed for $140 last year, and ToysRUs dropped that price on Black Friday by $40. That $100 price tag was good at the time, but if you wanted to pick one up now, you could get it for under $90.

TOY Deals Predictions for 2013 Holiday

The best “deals” weren’t necessarily the “most popular”…expect this trend to continue this year. Only 5 toy deals made our list from Toys R Us’ “Fabulous 15 for 2012″. Choice may be the key to this market in Black Friday 2013. As Walmart beats Toy R Us to their annual first prediction by surveying 1,000 kids for what they want this holiday (thx to Tiffany Hsu-LATimes), expect more assorted styles and colors on a variety of items and more bundled deals and B1G1-like discounts this year, as well. With more than 150,000 products featured at the 2013 American International Toy Fair (at, it’s overwhelming to try and decide what will stick with holiday shoppers. Some of the hot toys we hope to be competitively priced this year are the Furby Boom, Monster High Dolls and the kids tablet market where Leapfrog’s Leapad Ultra will lead the bunch.

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