Toys to Watch Before Black Friday 2009

Black Friday is always one of the most talked about shopping days for trendy toys. With that said, let’s peek at some cool toys people are already talking about. Even as we may be inclined to look for “what we really need this year”, here are fun gifts to compliment this holiday’s hot trends.

Trend #1: Gifts the whole family can enjoy.
Eyeclops Mini Projector- Movie night just got better with a few D batteries and 10 hours of bigger than life projections, coming to a home near you. And yes, it will probably even make the popcorn taste better when you’re enjoying it with the Eyeclops. Should we say, epic? Price ranges from $79.99 to $99.99 on

Trend #2: Quality time with family and friends. It’s back to the roots of holidays with intimate gatherings.
Barbie Dolled Up Nails Digital Nail Printer- It’s perfect for mother daughter pampering, an at-home spa party or kids entertainment at your holiday bash. This printer plugs into your computer, and all you have to do is select a design (custom or over a 1000 to choose from), pick a color, print with “nail polish” ink and wear for instant salon style. The upfront cost is worth limitless manicure fun. Check it out at Toys-R-Us for $180.

Trend #3: Charity—a gift that gives.
FurReal Friends Zambi the baby Elephant- What better message this holiday season than teaching children the importance of helping those in need. This robotic elephant gives 50% of the proceeds to the global charity for children in Africa orphaned by AIDS. Zambi sits, stands, wiggles ears, curls trunk and even makes sounds. It’s a priceless lesson starting at $49.97 at Walmart.

Trend #4: As always, the latest and best tech gifts for the little ones…
Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot- Coming this fall- the interactive, confused space ranger will crash into your child’s playroom! He talks (over 100 phrases), walks, turns, blinks, salutes, fires his laser and more with multiple smart sensors, built-in games and a 15-function remote. With the “buzz” of the new movie coming out in June 2010, it’s sure to be hot. It will be available at Walmart, Target or pre-order now at Disney Store online for $199.95.

…And tech gifts for the bigger ones.
Mattel Mindflex Mind Control Game- A hot new trend is mind control games. You can levitate a small ball with the power of your mind. May the shopping force be with you. Amazon is taking pre-orders now with prices starting at $79.99.

These gift ideas should inspire your holiday shopping escapades before the masses hit stores on Black Friday. With “impulse buying” out and “list-making” in, I hope you can make room on your list for practical gifts with a hint of vogue.

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