Trick AND Treat

The “Universe” decided to trick me the other day. Here’s what happened: I loaded up my kids in the car and headed over to the elementary school where my son is a Kindergartner. I parked the car (Rock Star parking space!), dropped him off, and took my 2-year old to the bank with the intention to then go enjoy a coffee and some time with her.

When I walked into the bank I realized I did not have my wallet. Bummer, I must have left it in the car. Of course, when I check, it is nowhere to be found. Irritable because I have not yet had my coffee, I load up my daughter into the car and head over to her preschool to drop her off. I must have left the wallet at home.

Nope. I cannot find it ANYWHERE! I call the grocery store which was the last place I remember using the wallet. Nothing. I start driving around stopping in any place I had visited that day (which is irrational since I clearly had the wallet at my last spot of the day).

Now, I confess, in my absent-minded overloaded mommy moments I have been known to misplace keys or other trinkets. But my wallet? Is this some kind of trick? Come on!

Increasingly frustrated and upset, I dig under the car seats (and found lots of treasures, none of which was a wallet). Finally I decide I will give one more look at home before launching into the tedious process of canceling my cards.

As you may guess, I found it. Where? In our jack-o-lantern. A treat indeed!

Do yourself a favor, take out your wallet right now and write down all or photocopy all of the contents (except the cash!) of your wallet especially your account #s and health insurance information. This way you can easily cancel your cards if your wallet is lost or stolen. And, you’ll know what
else is in there. Be sure to put this information in a locked/secure place.

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