Two Apps to Track Santa’s Christmas Eve Trip


My dad was a commercial airline pilot. We celebrated many Christmases when he was on a trip. While we were sad he was gone, we were always so excited to have him call home and tell us if he’d seen Santa’s sleigh! His stories entertained us year after year, and when we were grown, his tales of Santa encounters have continued to keep the grandkids spellbound.

My dad’s now retired from the airline, but we can still get updates on where in the world is Santa Claus, thanks to NORAD and Google! (NORAD stands for the North American Aerospace Defense Command and they track Santa’s flight every year.)

It’s our family tradition to track Santa’s flight on their website all day on Christmas Eve to see which countries Santa’s visiting. It’s great incentive to get the kids to bed since they know he won’t come until they’re asleep! :)

Download the NORAD or Google Santa Tracker app to your phone today and see where Santa’s been and where he’s going next!


Google Santa Tracker

Android App


NORAD Santa Tracker

Android App or iOS App



Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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