Ultimate Guide for Back to School Shopping

Back to School shopping can become quite a large task. Whether you are a teacher or a student the back to school list can seem never ending.

We want to help you check off all the items on your list for less. To help you save on all the essential back to school items, FatWallet has continued their annual Back-to-School Deals promotion offering deals, coupons and increased Cash Back.

Hopefully this ultimate guide of back to school shopping tips can help save you time and money, too.

Back to School Cheat Sheets

Student Discount Cheat Sheet

  • Get your school ID handy, because this post will lead you to plenty of student discount savings. You’ll find discounts on everything students need from tablets to clothes.

Teacher Discount Cheat Sheet

  • We know teachers do plenty of their own back to school shopping for their classrooms. This cheat sheet will help teachers save on learning items for their classroom and maybe a few items to make them look chic too. Of course, you’ll need your school ID to prove your an (awesome) teacher.

Best-in-Class Textbook Deals Cheat Sheet: College/K-12

  • This cheat sheet will tell you when and where to buy textbooks. Waiting too long and buying from the wrong place could cost you a fortune.

Helpful Back to School Shopping Guides

Preparing for the Upcoming School Year Part 1: Shopping for School Supplies

  • This page offers 5 simple tips to get you organized and prepared for back to school shopping.

Tax Free Weekend: Shop Tax Free for Back to School Supplies

  • All of these tax free back to school shopping weekends are over- except Connecticut. The tax free weekend for Connecticut is August 18-24. Don’t miss out on tax free savings!

The Best Back to School Backpacks

  • This page focuses on buying a backpack that will carry you (er, your stuff) through the years. It includes 5 cash back stores that provide guarantees on their quality.

Survey Reveals What Teens Want for Back to School – INFOGRAPHIC

  • This guide is an inforgraphic that visually allows you to see what teens items what most for back to school. A much needed guide for parents with teens, because we all know teens can be a mystery.

Keep Calm and College On: Back to School Checklist for College

  • This page makes shopping easy with a printable college essentials checklist and it also explanations on why you need them. Plus the information is all from a current college student.

Cool Gadgets Every College Student Needs

  • This page provides cool gadgets that are also extremely useful for every college student. It covers plenty of trendy gadgets from a solar power backpack to Google Chromecast.

FatWallet’s Laptop Deals

  • If you are unsure where to start looking for laptops at best prices, then of course check out FatWallet’s laptop deals page.

Oldies but Goodies- Other helpful tips

Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide

  • Not a laptop genius, but need to know which is best for you? This page has all of the technical jargon broken down, as well as a guide on the best purposes for different laptops.

Student Laptop Buying Guide

  • All students will need a laptop and finding the right one can be tricky. This guide has helpful tips on what students need in a laptop.

Tips to Save on Textbooks

  • We all know how expensive textbooks can be. This page offers six ways on how to save on textbooks.

You may want to keep your eye on this cheat sheet, because we will try to continue to add the best of the best for back to school shopping.

Enjoy your Back to School shopping!

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