Valentine’s Day Blog Posts Roundup

valentine's day

We’ve compiled all of our Valentine’s Day resources in one place, with everything you need to prepare for Friday the 14th! If you need help with kid crafts, Valentine’s Day statistics, gift ideas for him or her, or what to do if you’re single, you can find what you need right here.

Get clicking and make this the most memorable Valentine’s Day yet!


Statistics & Information

Infographic: Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending

53% of women in America would dump their boyfriend if they did not receive anything for Valentine’s Day. Find out other fun facts here.

The History of Valentine’s Day

Do like the Romans did: Cover yourself in blood, go streaking downtown and whip any strangers you see with leather straps.

Flowers & Chocolate

20 Romantic Flowers that Aren’t Roses

Flowers are the universal language of love, especially long stem red roses. But what if you want to say what you feel without sending roses?

Meaning of 20 Rose Colors: Everything You Need to Know this Valentine’s Day

Roses come in many different shades and each color has a specific meaning that helps to convey our different thoughts and emotions.

Seduce Your Sweet Tooth: 40 Red Velvet Cake Recipe Inspirations

Drool over 40 Red Velvet cake inspired recipes from some of the best baking bloggers across the web. Go ahead, seduce your sweet tooth–it’s Valentine’s Day after all!

Dark Chocolate: 8 Healthy Reasons to Eat Your Heart Out on Valentine’s Day

Yes, you no longer have to feel guilty about buying a box of chocolates for yourself (like me) or loved ones this year on Valentine’s Day. Because in recent years, several studies have emerged unveiling the amazing health benefits of dark chocolate – in moderation, of course.

7 Creative DIY Projects to Reuse Your Old Valentine’s Day Flowers

Giving flowers has been a longstanding tradition to show your loved ones that you care. Valentine’s Day means that many people will be doing just that. Unfortunately, flowers don’t last. Instead of throwing those flowers away when they start to wilt, why not repurpose them in ways that can last a lifetime? Make use of the vibrant colors of your roses or other flowers, and get a greater bang for your buck by creating something original and memorable.


7 Unique Ideas for Classroom Valentines

Coming up with unique valentines for your child’s class can be difficult. Here are 7 easy ideas you can do with your kids!

Valentine’s Day Family Fun: Crafts, Recipes & More

Full of ideas for holders, valentines, and baked goods, this article is sure to give you cute, kid-friendly ideas.

Gift Ideas

A Gentleman’s Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day

Nervous you might be saying too much or too little, guys? We have a gift idea for every possible stage of a relationship you men might be in.

“Coupons” for your family this Valentine’s Day

Discover the art of homemade coupons and get ideas for each member of the family!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Top 10 ideas for Women and Men. Buy something for your honey that don’t cost a lot of money.

Frugal Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Top 10 Sweet and Sexy DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

Save some dough by implementing these fun and easy ideas to woo your sweetheart!

Cheap Date Ideas for Men

You may need some help deciding what to do with your special gal. Here are some suggestions.

Dates on a Budget!

Yet more budget date ideas, in case you’ve already done the ones listed above.

For Singles

Valentine’s Day For Singles

Maybe you don’t want a date. Then here are celebration ideas that you don’t need a significant other for!

20 Dating Sites for Freaks, Geeks, Vampires, etc

No valentine for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Valentine’s Deals

Hot Deal: FTD 20% off and 20% Cash Back on Valentine’s Day Flowers & Chocolate

So much money to save, so little time!

Valentine’s Day Deals You’re Going to LOVE!

Our expert deal hunter, Kim, hand picked these “best of the best” Valentine’s Day deals on FatWallet just for you.

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