Valentine’s Day Family Fun: Crafts, Recipes & More

valentines day family fun

It’s a Day of Love, Romance, and Candy!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! The stores shelves are stocked with all the chocolate kisses and sugar hearts you can imagine. And for those of you with a special someone (spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, kids, and even your loving pet Mr. Snuggles) you’re almost out of time!

Perhaps you are planning a romantic night for two or maybe it’s the 30+ Valentine’s you have to make for your kids class that’s making you fret. No worries! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. There are a lot of things you can do over the weekend to make Valentine’s Day special! To help make your planning easier, I spent the day on Pinterest searching for the cutest Valentines gifts, decorations, and recipes to make this Valentine’s Day amazing! We are looking to make Valentine’s Day not just about romance but about love and that includes family fun.

Roll up your sleeves, pull out the construction paper, and round-up the kids, because here are a few fun and inexpensive crafts for the whole family.

Check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas.

Valentine’s Day Family Fun:

Photo Cards – This is such a cute idea for the kids. It will add a picture perfect touch to their classroom Valentine’s as they personally hand their friends a sucker. Check out for instructions and more ideas for the pictures.  Valentines Day Photo Cards

Candy Airplanes – Send your Valentine a message by air. I can imagine the classrooms buzzing with these candy planes “flying” from desk to desk. has directions to make this sweet flying treat. Valentines Day Candy Airplane

Mustache & Lip suckers – I mustache you a question but I’ll shave it for later. The mustache craze is everywhere even on your Valentines. This is a cute and laughable treat for all ages. It could be a curly handlebar mustache or a pair of luscious lips. will tell you how to make it. Valentines Day Mustache

Lovable Robot – I’m Nuts and Bolts about You! A cute Valentine that’s great for boys and girls. Learn how to make a robot that really can love from Valentines day party

Valentine Holders

Pretty Bird House – With all those cute Valentines piling up you’ll need a place to keep them. Here is a fun bird themed box to keep your Valentines safe. has instructions for this Valentine holder. bird house_2

Giggling Piglet – The cutest little piglet will start the Valentine giggles as it collects all your Valentines. Check out for directions on how to make your Valentine Piglet. giggling piglet_2

Monster of Hearts – Scary and cute all in one, this Valentine Monster will gobble up all your Valentine treats. has directions on how to make your scary Valentine Monster. monster of hear_2

Easy Peasy Valentine box – Decorate it any way you want. Cover it in heart and glitter or mark it with stripes and polka dots. there are so many possibilities with this very easy Valentine box. Learn how made this great Valentine collector easy peasy vale_2

Fun For All

Heart T-Shirt – Perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. Have some fun with tie-dye and make a one-of-a-kind shirt to celebrate the Day. Find the instructions at heart t-shirt

Stain-Glass Hearts – Easy and Beautiful decorations for your home. You can hang them in the window or hang them anywhere. Just find those old crayons that have been worn down to nubs and check out for directions. hearts

Paper Hearts – More decorations to cover your home in hearts. Grab some paper and have fun with this craft from for directions. paper hearts

Paper Flowers – Don’t waste your money on flowers that die. Learn how to make a beautiful bouquet that will last forever. It makes a great gift or even a beautiful decoration for your has directions for you. flowers

Yummy Valentine Treats

Valentine Pretzel Bites – When you’re done with all your crafting and looking for a snack, here is a sweet and salty treat. Quick and easy to make, it will be your Family’s new favorite. Learn how simple they are from valentine pretz

Peanut Butter Heart Blossoms – If you’re looking for a yummy little cookie to munch on here is a cute spin on an old recipe. Fill your cookies with love by putting a heart on them. has the easy recipe for your valentine cookies. peanut butter h_2

Heart filled Cupcakes – A sweet frosted treat that will surprise your Valentine every time. Put your heart into every cupcake this Valentine’s Day with easy recipe. Its great for a family dinner or fun for the classroom. heart filled cu_2

Heart Shaped Carrots – Carrots aren’t only good for your eyes, they are now good for your Valentine too. If you’re looking for a healthier treat during a holiday of sweets here is a cute idea to eat your veggies. You can eat them on their own or put them in a salad or soup. A great way to show your Valentine you care about their health. Learn how to carve your carrots from heart shapped c_3

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