VIDEO GAME Deals: Black Friday Recap and 2013 Predictions

Best of Black Friday Deals 2013Are you GAME for Black Friday 2013?


Advertised Video Game, Consoles and Accessories deals almost doubled in 2012 for Black Friday (1,163 total deals vs. 624 in 2011) as retailers brought their best prices of the year on dozens of top selling games (more than 890 game deals). There were 340+ deals under $20 and 120 under $10. Since there really weren’t any new consoles introduced, bundled deals were the hot deals with more than 120 total console related offers. Toys R Us led the deal count with 260+, followed by GameStop with 200+ and Walmart with 160+ deals. Skylander was hot with more than 50+ related deals in this category.
Do they stack up to current VIDEO GAME deals?

FatWallet tech/finance expert Bryan Marsden reviews the 10 Most Popular Video Game Deals from Black Friday 2012.

250GB Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle from GameStop

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$244.99 (was $299) w/ Forza Motorsport 4, The Elderscrolls V: Skyrim Download Token and Call of Duty: Black Ops

The 250GB Xbox 360 with a couple of games was, and still is $300. GameStop’s bundle included not one or two games, but three solid titles. Skyrim was a year old, but it was still one of the most popular games out at the time. And while Black Ops was a bit dated, it was still a solid title to have in a bundle. GameStop didn’t stop there. They sweetened the deal, by dropping the price another $55 on Black Friday. This changed it from a decent deal (due to the quality of the titles), to a really good deal.

Sony PS Vita Call of Duty Wi-Fi Bundle from Toys R Us

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$199.99 (msrp $249) w/ Bonus 10-In-1 Vita Essential Pack

Even though the PS Vita was late to the hand held gaming party (early 2012 release date), it made up for that with a fantastic OLED touch screen, and 3D graphics that came close to Sony’s PS3. Trusted Reviews gave it a 9 our of 10, and said it was simply better than any other hand held gaming device on the market. When you look at the current retail price of $200, last years Black Friday price of $200 with a great title was solid deal.

Sony PlayStation 3 250GB Holiday Bundle from RadioShack

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$219.99 (msrp $269.99) w/ Uncharted & Infamous Collections & Wireless Controller.

The PS3 bundle from RadioShack is very similar to the GameStop Xbox 360 deal listed above. It’s a 250GB game system, with a couple of games offered with it. With a starting retail price of $270, it’s a bit cheaper than the 250GB Xbox deal. This is due to only coming with 2 games, rather than 3. Similar to the 250 GB Xbox deal, RadioShack shaved an extra $50 off the cost of the bundle on Black Friday, which made this a solid buy for anyone looking for a PS3.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle w/ Kinect Adventures & Disneyland from Target

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$199.99 msrp $249.99)

Targets Xbox 360 Kinect bundle included a base Xbox 360, Microsoft’s Kinect motion control system, and a couple of games that uses the Kinect set up. It sold for, and still sells for around $250. The down side is, it’s only has 4GB of internal storage. Even with that negative, with a Black Friday price of $199 or roughly 20% off, it was a solid buy on Black Friday.

Rocksmith Guitar and Bass (X360) from GameStop

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$49.99 (msrp $79.99)

This game went past what you could do in Guitar Hero, and allowed you to play any REAL guitar or bass with a 1/4 output plug through your Xbox system. With dozens of levels that adjust to your playing level, you will grow your musical skills while having fun. It came with mini games, tutorials, and a extensive library to learn and play. It retailed for $80, and Best Buy dropped the price to $50 on Black Friday. It currently retails at Best Buy for $60, so that $50 price tag last year, would still be a good deal today.

Skylanders Giants Starter Pack from Kmart

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$49.99 (msrp $74.99) (3DS, PS3, Wii, X360),

This was one of the “it” toys to get your kids last year. It mixed physical toys with video gaming. You plugged your fighter into the “portal of power”(USB interface), and it took it into the game world where you fought bad guys, and protected the of Skylands. The best part is that they were portable. So you could take your collection over to a friends house, and use your fighters in his game! Last year these packs retailed at $75. To draw in shoppers, Kmart dropped the price down to $50 on Black Friday. At that price, it made it one of the more popular video game deals with our members. As any “it” toy though, prices will and do come down. Current pricing at Amazon is $40 for the starter pack.

If your kids are into Disney, and you are looking for gifts this year. Disney just released a similar game (Disney Infinity) recently. Racking up almost 30 million in sales since it’s debut in August, Christopher Palmeri & Cliff Edwards over at Bloomberg says they are a hit so keep and eye out for them this Black Friday!

40+ Wii/PS3/X360 titles for $25.00 from Walmart

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$25 (was40-60) including: NFL Madden 2013, NCAA Football 13, NBA 2K13

This Black Friday deal wasn’t about one game, but a discount on over 40 titles. It wasn’t just older titles they were looking to clear out either. They also offered plenty of newer ones with the discount. One of those newer titles was Madden 2013 which sold over 5 million copies, and was only second behind the Black Ops II. With up to 45% savings on a large number of popular titles, it was a good day to be a gamer on Black Friday at Walmart!

Dishonored from Meijer

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$29.99 (was $59.99) (PS3/ X360)

Dishonored was one of the most anticipated games of the last year. It is set in a steampunk universe, and of coarse you are fighting the bad guys (who wrongly imprisoned you). It’s part FPS, RPG, and strategy game, that gives you multiple ways to over come the obstacle they put in your way. It not only made our “15 must have video games list” last year, it got Cam Shea over at ING to give it a 9.2 out of 10 rating, and exceed sales numbers the game studio set. With a retail price of $60, the Black Friday price of $30 at Meijer made this a great buy.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from AAFES

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$9.99 (was $29.99)

This game is over 6 years old, and is still has a large online multiplayer following (including some of us here at FatWallet for “post-lunch target practice”). With that said, there is no way it was worth the $30 retail price AAFES had on it. You could get more recent games like Black Ops, or Modern Warefare 2 for that price. However, if you had never played it, it was well worth picking it up for AAFES’ $10 Black Friday price. It currently sells for between $15-$20.

30+ top PS3/X360 games for $15.00 from Walmart

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$15 (was $31-59) including: Forza Horizon, Spec Ops: The Line, Fable: The Journey, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

This was another video game sale from Walmart, only this time they were $15 rather than $25. While the selection of the titles was very good, they are all older games. Black Ops was already 3 years old, and the shiny new Black Ops 2 was recently released. If you were looking to pick up some popular older titles, this was a solid sale. If you were looking to score more modern titles on the cheap, you would have walked away disappointed.

VIDEO GAMES Deals Predictions for 2013 Holiday

With the new PS4 and Xbox ONE in pre-order overload and the expected hot want for video consoles this coming holiday shopping season (including new games for these new consoles as Hugh Langley from TechRadar points out…they won’t directly play your PS3/x360 formatted discs). Plus, there’s still speculation on available inventory for Christmas after pre-orders have been filled. If there is inventory, we can expect some mild discounts with Xbox ONE and PS4 in holiday bundles, and hailed as the new “do it all” streaming media resources, we can only hope they’ll follow in the footsteps of Google Chromecast and bundle with Netflix. Less bolder predictions would see these very same deals above at even better savings this year, as retailers look to make room for hopeful new console inventory for December.

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