Walgreens Shopping: Saving Money with Coupons and Register Rewards

This morning after church, I made a stop at my local Walgreens to do a little shopping. I did great today, so this week wanted to share a few tips on shopping at Walgreens.

Register Rewards

Walgreens offers a program called Register Rewards, which offers you coupons back on certain items you buy each week. You can use RR to buy things in the store on your next visit.

Here are a few tips for getting and using Register Rewards.

  • Treat them like cash!!

  • Pay attention to expiration dates. Many will expire in about two weeks
  • Only one RR will print per transaction for a product. For example, this week Reach toothbrushes offered a $2 RR back, so I bought 2. I had to separate them into 2 separate transactions, so that I got $4 back instead of just $2.
  • You can’t use a RR to buy that same product again and have a new RR print off.
  • You can use them to buy items that are offering RR as long as they are not from the same company or else the new RR won’t print.
  • Try to “roll” your RR each week by buying using your RR to buy products with RR that week.

Stacking coupons

Walgreens does allow you to stack coupons on their products. This simply means that you can use a Walgreens “store” coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon to get additional discounts. Walgreens coupons are often found in their ad each week, and they also have a monthly booklet that you can find in stores.

A few more tips for Walgreens

When using coupons or Register Rewards, you cannot have more coupons than you have items for. You need to really think through your transactions sometimes. I always try to have some filler items in my cart if I need them. Usually it’s a piece of candy or pencil, whatever happens to be cheapest!
Also, if you live near a Jewel-Osco Store, they may let you redeem your RR at their stores. I know the two near me allow it, and I think in the Chicagoland area they do too. I would check for sure with your store before trying.

Check out the website www.wildforwags.com for more tips on shopping at Walgreens. She offers lots of tips and shows you how to break down your transactions to get the best deals!

My Walgreens Trip

  • 1 Got2B Styling Product $3.99 (used a $1 off coupon)

  • 2- 20oz Diet Mt. Dew $3.19 (used a $1 off 2 coupon)
  • 2-Peeps Halloween candy $1.50 (used 50 cent store coupon)
    • These were my fillers. I had to buy 2 to get the store coupon to print. I’ll put them in my kids Halloween treat bags!
  • 1 Reach Total Care Tooth Brush $2.99 (used $1 off coupon)
  • 1 Schick Hydro 5 refill cartridges $8.49 (used $2 off coupon)

I also had a $4 RR from last week that I used. My total was $11.03. I saved $17.00, AND I got $6.50 of RR to use next time. The toothbrush had a $2 RR and the razors had $4.50! Today I saved 61%!

Bargain Buys

Here are a few more Walgreens deals for this week:

  • 99 cent Kettle Chips (coupons.com or 9-25 RP)

  • 99 cent Airwick Freshmatic after coupon and RR (9-11 SS )
  • “Free” Reach Floss after coupon and RR (7-31 SS)
  • $1.50 Gillette Body Wash (10-2 RP)
  • B1G1 Nature Bounty Vitamins (9-11 or 10-16RP)

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