Want a Free Book? Just Read…

My kids love books. It’s probably because we’ve been consistent in bedtime stories and the magic of a story. From looking at the pictures, to making up our own stories, to now, having my son read to me. Well, this is a cool incentive for readers everywhere that are twelve years or younger, whether you’re reading to them or vise versa. It’s a double-dog dare from Borders…

Read ten books, download the form and use it as a coupon to get a FREE book. There are twenty fun books to choose from like The Cat in the Hat, Judy Moody, The Penderwicks, Ramona the Brave and more classics.

There’s sure to be some fun along the way and memories to be made. My mom still describes one of the first sentences I read. See if you can figure it out (spelled the way I said it,) “Mickey licky to riddey his bickey.” Explore with your child this summer, whether it’s discovering a new story…or language.

Just the other day my son was reading an energy drink, and it had a picture of a guy running with the phrase “5-hours.” I heard my son telling his sister, “if you drink this, you can run for five hours. Now that’s a long time!” I love how children think with endless possibilities and creativity. From reading everyday labels and signs to reading books, the world is an exciting place.

Also, check out your local libraries for summer reading programs. In my small town, the library is brilliant. They decorate the library with the summer theme, bring in weekly activities centered on the theme and give little prizes along the way for reaching milestones.

So if you haven’t started a summer reading program, I double-dog dare you to start. We’ve already scored free scoops at Culvers and some tattoos. In our house, there’s nothing better than ice cream and tattoos (Oh yeah, and books!)

P.S. Mike likes to ride his bike.

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