Want to Be a FatWallet Social Media Intern?

FatWallet Social Media Internship

We’re on the hunt for next social media intern to join our FatWallet marketing team!

Are you geeking it out on Google+, pinning the night away on Pinterest, and hanging out with friends on Facebook and Twitter? Have you built an engaged personal and professional following across the web? If so, let us know! We have a few positions open for paid internships in Beloit, WI and San Francisco, CA!

Not only will you get paid to play on social media all day, you’ll get to join our uber fun team! (I’m not biased! The people we work with are our favorite job perk at FatWallet!) If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, we also have a hip and happy work environment that offers a workout room, games, relaxation spaces, and free lunches!

Open FatWallet Marketing Positions:

FatWallet Social Marketing Intern (Paid, Part-time)

Location: Beloit, WI or San Francisco, CA Type: Temporary

As our Social Marketing Intern, you will work with our editorial, marketing and deal curation teams to help establish FatWallet as a leader across social channels. You will: have prior success building an engaged personal and professional following across social channels; possess a unique balance of creativity and judgment; have excellent written skills; and be a self-motivated, results-oriented team player.

This role will be 25 hours/week and require you to be in office 4+ days/week.

Your Day-to-Day duties will include:

  • Helping craft a weekly editorial calendar for one or more social platforms
  • Produce – create or find and edit – all forms of content required to achieve our social goals
  • Reach to expand our following and engage our existing followers to accelerate our growth
  • Be the undisputed expert in your channels, including deep understanding of best practices from other companies’ social efforts

Successful candidates will have:

  • Strong communication skills; verbal and written
  • A strong understanding what currently works and why – and what is just hype – to drive engagement on social platforms
  • Proven ability to build and to engage a following
  • Detail-oriented and organized, solid multi-tasking skills
  • Fearless, bold experimentation with good judgment on how far to push
  • Passion for learning and competitive, results-driven personality that won’t stop until the team succeeds
  • Balance between creativity and experimentation with judgment
  • Better sense of humor than the average bear
  • Photoshop, photography or other digital editing skills are a strong asset

What you will get out of your internship

  • How social marketing can integrate with and accelerate an already growing, profitable e-commerce business
  • How to create and execute on a long term social marketing plan and editorial calendar
  • How to create compelling content that drives engagement across channels
  • Techniques to create viral loops between desktop and mobile web, social platforms and followers
  • Opportunity to push our existing team in new directions and to move faster!

About FatWallet

FatWallet is a leader in deal discovery and a pioneer in consumer-contributed deals. We are profitable, growing and looking to accelerate growth by investing in social marketing and m-commerce.

We are one of the 50 Best Small & Medium Workplaces in America. We’ve created a culture that placed us #13 for best small companies (50-250 employees) to work for in America. We’re proof you can enjoy going to work every day. We work hard and play hard. With foosball, ping pong, billiards and monthly game days, playing is encouraged (and expected).

The best of the big and small. Based in Beloit, a small city with a big personality provides a dynamic, diverse and fun downtown environment with a rich culture. When the workday is done, there’s live music every night or restaurants with riverfront patios. In practical terms, we have fresh air with a reasonable cost of living. Our backyards are park systems and golf courses but the bustle of Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee is about an hour away.

How to apply

Apply Here! Send us your relevant background including links to your social profiles as well as three recommendations you have for how we can make a significant improvement in one of more social platform.

Know someone who you think may have what it takes? Please pass this on to them!

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