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Last Minute Olympic Bookings

With the Olympics fast approaching and everything from tickets, to nearby accommodation selling out like hot cakes the chance to get involved and become a spectator for the London 2012 games is quickly vanishing. It’s obvious that for a lot of people it can be tough to find the right place for accommodation, the best forms of travel and the cheapest methods for everything else. Here are some my top tips for getting to the Olympics last minute, saving money on your travels and accommodation and seeing as much of the games possible.

First of all, getting to London can be, and most often is expensive. No matter where you’re coming from in the US it can be a massive challenge to get yourself there without spending a fortune. So the best advice really is to book in advance, but obviously there isn’t much time left so booking in advance is pretty much out of the question.

Travel and Flying:

It’s a common misconception that when flying to England from the USA that it’s cheaper to arrive at smaller airports such as Manchester or Liverpool and then to pay for public transport to make your way down to London, but in fact a flight to London Heathrow is suggested by most price comparison sites as the cheapest point of arrival. Also, you eliminate the need for additional costs to get to the Capital itself, train tickets from say Manchester can be incredibly pricey if bought on the day of arrival making landing in London by far the cheapest and most convenient option.

Of course the price for flying to Heathrow changes depending on which city in America you’re flying from and even the individual airport makes a difference due to certain partnerships and certain airlines operating from specific places. The best places to fly from when travelling to London are Boston Logan International and New York’s John F Kennedy and Newark airports.

Camping Accommodation:

A lot of people are getting the best discounts for accommodation by signing up as Olympic Volunteers or “games makers” who are required to do a variety of jobs involved with the inner workings of the games. Volunteers are offered discounts by a number of different locations including Olympic Games based campsites like “Camp in London”, where you can camp in the middle of the city surrounded by fellow Olympics fans.

Camps like this have sprung up all over London to deal with the ever increasing demand for those who want to see or even be a part of the games. The “Camp in London” site is located only five to ten minutes away from the stadium, is served by a shuttle bus and offers a twenty percent discount for Olympic Volunteers and “games makers”. These discounts reduce the cost down to around twenty to fifteen pounds a night, and with breakfast at four pounds per meal you can understand why people from all over the world are choosing this location.

Pop-up Hotels:

Alternatively there are places like the Snoozzz pop-up hotel and accommodation which is a purpose-built budget option for those wanting to see the games. Their rooms are available from £16 (approx. $30) a night and offer the same facilities as you would expect from a standard hotel including free WI-FI, twenty four hour security, reception desk, snack bar, large screen TV, social area, study area and luggage storage. Venues like this have been custom rented for the games and offer as much of a bespoke service as possible for those visiting London to see this once in a life time spectacle.

Because of its close proximity to the main Olympic stadium, walking from the Snoozzz hotel is easily achievable for most adults and families with children, which gives it an advantage over most forms of accommodation. Although with Camp in London’s cheap fares and volunteer discount creates a well balanced competition between the two.
By looking at volunteering positions, discounts and camping options, travel prices and proximity options you can easily save yourself some cash on staying for the Olympics.

Although hotel prices are notoriously high in London (and even higher during the Games) it may also be worth checking out websites which specialize in discounts for those making last minute bookings. If you’re persistent, you’ll be sure to find a way to get to the Olympics in London this year regardless of your budget!

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