Wardrobe Revival: How to Update your Style on a Budget

Wardrobe Revival: How to Update Your Style on a Budget

There comes a time in most everyone’s life when they’ll look into their closets and have a horribly uncomfortable realization: every single item of clothing hanging on the racks suddenly seems ugly, unbearable, and unwearable.

I know firsthand how frustrating this feeling can be, especially when you’re living on a tight budget. After investing your hard-earned money into your wardrobe, the last thing you want to do is go out and replace every item you suddenly loathe and detest.  Yet there is absolutely nothing wrong with going out and picking up a few new items when your closet becomes a little drab. For those of you who are looking to update your wardrobe while sticking to a budget, here are three tips on how to bring the fun and flair back into your fashion sense.

Become a Sales Wizard

Believe it or not, there are people in the world who only shop sales. Some of these savvy shoppers are so well versed in sales that they even know the exact day and time of the week stores will mark down their clothing racks. For example, did you know that Target marks down its departments according to days of the week? How about the fact that Anthropologie marks down it sales every Tuesday? If you are looking to get the scoop on the best sales, start doing some covert fashion research. Call up your favorite stores and ask what days and times they put their clothes on sale. Peruse the Internet and find blogs that follow the best sales out there according to times of the year, days of the week, etc. And if you only want to shop online, start googling promotional codes and discount codes to see if ones for your favorite stores pop up. A lot of people shy away from sales in fear that they’ll only find out-of-style options, but that is almost never the case. By actively seeking out and utilizing the best sales out there, people will start to take notice of your fresh new wardrobe.

Never Underestimate a Thrift Store

Thrift stores are often viewed as this afterlife where old, ratty clothes go to be disposed of; however, one should never underestimate the wonders they can find in a good thrift store. In fact, people often bring items they can’t fit into, items they aren’t brave enough to wear, and items they simply don’t have room for to thrift stores. If you aren’t confident that you’ll like what you find at a thrift store, here’s an idea: figure out where the wealthiest areas in your city or town are and go to thrift stores in those areas. You’ll be surprised to find some impressive, quality wardrobe pieces that wealthy people just simply gave away.

Host a Swapping Party

I love hosting wardrobe-swapping parties. Not only do I get some cute clothes out of it, I also get to have a night of fun with my best girlfriends. I’ll pick up a few bottles of wine, some fruit and cheese trays, call up my friends, and invite them over to swap clothes. The way a swapping party works is each guest brings a bag of clothes they no longer want and trades with other party-goers. This may be difficult if you’re friends aren’t all the same size, and if that is the case, try telling people to bring handbags, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and other items that universally fit most people. It can’t hurt to have guests invite other guests as well to prevent this problem from happening. By the end of the night, you’ll be grateful that all it cost you to get a new wardrobe was a night of socializing with some good friends and purchasing a few bottles of wine.

Living on a budget makes it difficult to put too much emphasis on concerns like fashion and style. Yet how you choose to dress has an effect on how you feel about yourself, and the last thing you want your closet to do is create a negative self-image. Try utilizing one or all of these three tips to bring your style back to life once more.

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