Ways Moms Can Get Free Money to Start a New Business

Moms with a great business idea can be deterred from pursuing their goals due to lack of money to get their business started. However, many women will be surprised to learn that they can obtain free money in order to start a new company. Read on for more information.

Halstead Bead Incorporated

There are women who have a talent for creating beautiful jewelry. For those who are professional designers of jewelry items or a student in the designing of jewelry and would like to start their own business, Halstead Bead Incorporated can help. The company’s Annual Business Development Grant is awarded every summer to women who fit certain requirements and are serious about having their own business in the jewelry industry.


Stay-at-home moms who are interested in opening a home-based business can obtain financial assistance through the Amber Foundation Grant program. Every month, this program helps women with their small businesses, the majority of which are online companies and other home-based establishments. Each grant may be in an amount from $500 to $1000 and is geared toward helping women with the small expenses that occur when home businesses begin. After all, equipment and supplies may be needed to get started, or a website may need to be designed.

Institute for Interactive Journalism

Those women who have journalistic talents and are interested in having a business based on this field can receive assistance through this Institute as well as the McCormick Foundation. Women entrepreneurs who would like to better themselves and their communities may be able to do so with the help of a grant from this Institute. Non-profit businesses can also receive a boost with much needed funds.

Women’s Financial Fund

This organization works on a non-profit basis and awards grants to independent women who want to have their own business to run. There are grants for new businesses along with grants that will benefit businesses that already exist and are in need of upgrades, such as the development of a new product. Moms who are trying to start a brand new business or would like to improve a business they have already established may want to look into acquiring a grant through this fund.

Huggies Mom-Inspired Grant Program

African-American moms who would like to open a business that will benefit other moms will be interested in this program. The business will need as its goal the selling of products that are geared toward expectant mothers and youngsters up to six years of age. The creativity of the business plan is taken into consideration when awarding this grant, and originality also plays a large part.

Moms are busy looking after their children, but they very often want more out of life than childrearing. With the help of grants and other forms of financial assistance, new businesses can be created and existing businesses can be improved. In this way, mothers can have the pleasure of taking care of their kids and running a successful business as well.

Guest write Jennifer Lewis writes for a website that has more details on grants for women entrepreneurs. She believes moms should explore all the options available to them in order to get enough funding to launch their new business.

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