Wedding Videography Prices: Does Your Quote Offer Value For Money?

If you’ve decided that a video is a must-have memento of your big day, you will then find yourself in the minefield of gathering quotes for wedding videography services, in the hope of getting the best possible package for your day. So how can you set about ensuring that the best package gives you the best value? Follow our five handy tips, in the hope that shopping around goes as smoothly as the day itself!

Make a list
Before contacting any of the videographers, sit down with your other half and make a list of what you want from the video. These include obvious shots, but remember that there are some very specific, priceless shots that you may not want to miss that you will not see yourself on the day. For example, all eyes will be on the bride arriving, but what of the attendants? If a small relative is walking purposefully behind the bride, how will the bride and groom get to see this on the day unless this too is caught on camera? Think of the things that you want to see, as well as the traditional must-haves.

Investigate recommended videographers first
Word of mouth is a good way to find the right videographer, but ensure to ask about the price that other couples have paid. That way, you will know if a recommended videographer is good value for the money, and find out if other quotes you obtain (recommended or not) are competitive.

Find someone who is familiar with your venue
Make sure you ask any prospective videographer whether they are familiar with your venue, otherwise you may find yourself with an add-on to your price if the videographer you choose has to spend a couple of hours beforehand scouting out the premises for the best position for shots.

Check what is included in the price you are quoted
Include what you want on your list and ensure that potential ‘extras’ such as pre-wedding work and post-wedding editing are included in the price you are quoted.

Check on the format of the final product
It’s easy to assume from the ‘videography’ title, that a video will be the end product, but as technology moves on, so should the format and quality of the end product. If you only use Blu-Ray, it’s no good being presented with a video or even DVD for your money, so add questions about the format and quantity of the final production before making your final decision.

So there you have just a few of the things to remember to help you find out if the wedding videography prices you are being quoted are really the good value that they seem!

This article was written exclusively for by Chloe Wilson whose website offers advice to those about to get married on what to expect from wedding videography services.

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