What Can You Do In 30 Days?

This is too good not to share. Just like it was too good to wait until Ted Talk Tuesday at work (which are educational and motivational videos about ideas worth spreading.) Instead it was pre-Ted Tuesday. You know, kind of like pre-gaming or pre-Black Friday? It’s something you’re so excited to do or see that you might as well start celebrating early!

You’ll have to watch the four-minute video to figure it out, but it makes sense. As the old saying goes, “Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.”

Check out this video of Google engineer Matt Cutts TED talk on Try Something New for 30 Days.

I’m already thinking of what to do first. There are many areas in life I’d like to balance better—personally, professionally, financially and spiritually. Many dreams, big and small, on my list that I can start changing into motion.

You could start with an activity to grow yourself or a habit you want to break. You could work toward a certain goal or dream. It’s kind of like conditioning. It’s a goal and a time period dedicated to reaching or preparing for a milestone.

Do I dare commit now for 30 days? It may sound scary, but it’s only 30 days. It’s a starting point for change in action. What are you waiting for?

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