What is the “Ultimate Question”?

So what is the “Ultimate Question”?

“Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried?”
“Where do my dryer-eaten socks go?”
“In a cage match, who would win – Jon or Kate?”

No doubt we all have our own version of the “Ultimate Question”, but when it comes to its’ use within FatWallet it is very specific. We ask: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend FatWallet to your friends?”

We pay very close attention to the results of this one-question survey and any subsequent follow-up communications. We use this information to help guide the direction of FatWallet. The addition of the Top Deals feature (and many small tweaks) were created in direct response to member suggestions. We are listening!

So the next time you see the ultimate question at the top of your screen, please take the 10 seconds to click on your answer. Your vote is very meaningful. It is also helpful if you leave a brief comment regarding any concern you might have. It could well be that there is already a feature that addresses that concern.

Thanks for contributing! (Btw, I think Kate would win… )

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