What’s Hot, What’s Not: Big Game Commercials from FatWallet Merchants

As everyone knows, the hype of the big game is as much about the commercials as the rivalry between the teams! Companies spend millions of dollars for seconds of air time, hoping to catch viewer’s attention and be remembered as one of the greatest commercials of the year.

As much as 51% of the Super Bowl audience enjoys the commercials more than the game, according to a 2010 Nielson study.

So what do you think? Do you think the commercials are as entertaining today as they were in 2010 or before?

Do you think the commercials are worth the big bucks and really help sell products?

What’s your favorite commercial of the night?

Weigh in your thoughts in the comments below and join us in our discussion on Facebook and Twitter!

Help us give a great big shout-out to our merchants who are advertising in the Big Game tonight!

May the best team win!

:) Heather

FatWallet Merchant’s Big Game Commercials:

Best Buy Coupons, Sales & Deals

1.5% Cash Back

Disney Store Coupons:

3.0% Cash Back

GoDaddy Coupons, Sales & Deals

12.0% Cash Back


Calvin Klein Coupons, Sales & Deals

3.5% Cash Back

Sketchers Coupons, Sales, & Deals

4.0% Cash Back


Samsung Deals on FatWallet

Etrade Coupons, Sales & Deals

Sony Coupons, Sales & Deals

3.0% Cash Back


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