Why You Should Start Coupon Shopping

I am relatively new to the world of coupon shopping, but in the past 8 months or so I’ve saved my family a lot of money.

Why I got into couponing:

I have two young boys, ages 4 and 2 ½. After the birth of our second son, I started staying home full time with our boys and had to start looking for ways to stretch our family’s grocery budget. We were now depending on one income, and let’s face it, buying diapers for two kids is expensive! However, I’m happy to say that I no longer have a diaper budget, thanks to my youngest son being potty trained as of last week!

My good friend, Patty, had gotten into couponing and was always talking about the deals she was finding for her family. She often talked about literally cutting her grocery bill in half.

Objections to couponing and what changed my mind:

I was hesitant at first because as a mom of two young kids, I didn’t think I had time to run around from store to store chasing deals. For me, grocery shopping was something I did once a month at Super Walmart. It was a one stop shop and I only had to take the kids out once and fight with them over what they thought we needed and what I knew we could afford.

After attending a coupon workshop, and then after my first couponing trip to Rockford, I was hooked. I remember coming home so excited to tell my husband that I’d filled my cart full of groceries, and saved $60 on our $100 grocery bill!

What you can expect when you’re couponing:

I have some tips to help you start saving money on your groceries each month. If you’re looking to save 98% on your groceries like they do on Extreme Couponing, I won’t be much help. However, if you’re looking to save 50-60% on your groceries, then I can certainly help you out.

Each week I will elaborate on each of these topics a little bit more to help you start coupon shopping. It may seem a little overwhelming which is why I break things down. I assure you that once you get the hang of things, it’s really pretty simple and a lot of fun too!

Tips to Start Super Couponing:

  • Part 1: Finding coupon inserts
  • Part 2: Finding coupons on the internet and other helpful blogs
  • Part 3: Other ways to find coupons
  • Part 4: Gearing up for this week’s shopping trip
  • Part 5: Let’s Shop!

I also have other topics that I plan to cover, but I’m always open to new ideas or questions you may have. After all, I’m still learning too. Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Bargain Buys:

I will highlight “Bargain Buys” of the week where I will highlight deals that are advertised or deals that I’ve found while out shopping.

So please share your thoughts in the comments below and like and share the post in social media if you enjoyed it.

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