Will New Makeup Technology Make Expensive Beauty Counters Go Extinct?

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I’m sure you’ve already seen some game-changing products come from 3D printers. I love the story of the DIY dad who made his son a prosthetic hand, saving the family tens of thousands of dollars. But, check out this young inventor who has created a printer that takes any color you find on the web or real life and turns it into makeup. Unless you spend a lot of money on high-end makeup, it might not be a money saver. In the hands of an entrepreneurial person it has the potential to be a major money maker!

The cosmetic industry is worth $55 billion dollars and in the United States we buy 75% of our makeup from big box stores. Major retailers only carry the colors they know will they will be able to sell. The only current option for trend setters in search of unique colors are expensive beauty counters. Mink is a 3D printer that will allow consumers to create custom makeup for about the same prices they would pay at the drug store or major retailer.

“Big makeup companies take the pigment and the substrates and mix them together and then jack (up) the price. We do the same thing and let you get the makeup right in your own house.” – Founder Grace Choi at TechCrunch Disrupt NY.

How Mink Works:

Mink will print any color you can imagine with the help of your phone, camera, or laptop. A color picker software will enable the user to grab the hex color code from the image and the printer will print the pigment.

The video does not describe the entire process. The printer may mix the pigment with the substrate or that step may be up to the consumer. It does say that users will be able to create any type of powder or cream based makeup.

Will Mink be Worth the Money?

The 3D makeup printer will have a price of around $300 and the substrates will sell for about the same prices you’d find in the drug store. It will be marketed to girls ages 13 to 21.

I’m all about finding beauty deals and cheap makeup. I have two teenage daughters and it would take us a long time to recoup the cost of the printer for our personal use. What excites me is the low start-up cost the printer would be for trendsetting entrepreneurial young women!

I joined a direct sales cosmetic company in college. It was easy to market in my girls’ dorm and padded my pocket with plenty of spending money. But Mink would make it even better. “Sure, I can make you some coral lipstick that will match your new sweater!” No need to keep a big inventory in a crowded dorm room.

Would you buy one of these printers when they become available? What other possibilities do you see as a result of technology like this?

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