WU Pay Giveaway! $50 Lowes Gift Card

Spend some dough at Lowe’s!
WU Pay is giving away [one] $50 Lowe’s Gift Card to [one] lucky winner!
50 bucks. Fifty bones. FiveZero. Fifty Dollars. That’s a good chunk of cabbage!

Just think… of everything you can buy at Lowe’s!
When you walk up to the building, the doors practically open for you! I have so much fun with automatic sliding doors because I feel like I’m in Star Wars – “May the Force be with you” and a bright light shines upon you from the ceiling as you take a step further inside. SMELL that beautiful Lowe’s store smell. Just smell it. That is the smell of creativity waiting to happen! ::opera voice singing & praising you::

Perhaps you need paint for that bathroom makeover you’ve been trying to find time for, a few bags of charcoal for a backyard BBQ yum., or a shelving unit to organize your messy hoarder-esque garage. Don’t forget about hardware, gardening supplies, home décor… should I keep going? :)

I know you’re excited but let me tell you a little bit about WU Pay:
WU Pay [by Western Union] provides a way for you to shop online and pay with cash! Use the gift card for your own purchases and save or give them away as gifts! Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries etc.

WU Pay:

Coupon: $20 Back on Gift Card Purchases $100+ (expires August 31, 2012) with 1% cash back available!

$50 Lowe’s Gift Card Giveaway from WU Pay!

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win one $50 Lowe’s Gift Card from WU Pay:

Eligibility: Eligible entries will be received between August 27, 2012 Noon CST, and September 3, 2012 at Noon CST. Limit one entry per eligible individual.

Additional replies welcome but will not improve your odds of winning. One lucky winner will be chosen randomly to receive a $50 Lowe’s Gift Card from WU Pay. Please read the Official Rules of this giveaway.

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Don’t forget to check back soon after this promotion ends. Winning member will be notified by PM (private message) and listed on this blog post upon confirmation.

May the Force be with you 😀

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