Yet Another Way to Rationalize New Shoes

Hi Amy. Did you buy your pinstriped wedding dress online?

What are you talking about

the dress in the Facebook picture. Did you buy it online?

Oh I gotcha now, sorry it has been a long day. I didn’t get it online. I got it in the stores
lpickles 4:41 I figured but thought there was a chance. Did you get a deal or just go for the cute dress? (Very cute, by the way) Schame 4:41 I'm sure it was on sale. It was about 3 years ago when i bought it. Just cute i guess 4:42 You know i just wore that dress to a wedding last week, I guess it is my staple wedding dress lpickles 4:46 how economical Schame 4:46 yup. Except it use to fit better 3 years ago lpickles 4:46 preachin' to the choir 4:52 How'd you update it? Schame 4:55 Platform pumps and black tights. Splurged a bit on the shoes since I've reused the dress so much. I'll do the same with the shoes right? But I did get cash back. Laura 4:55 Right? So cute. Add a faux fur cropped jacket and you can wear it to the Christmas party. Let's dress up and blog about being the only people who dressed up for the Christmas party. Schame 5:01 In!

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