Your Big Man Cave Dreams on a Tiny Budget

Believe it or not, creating the ultimate man cave doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars—but you will have to put in some effort and be creative. After doing some smart shopping and finding some of the products you want on clearance, you’ll see that the ultimate man cave doesn’t have to break your bank. There are plenty of simple and affordable options to turn your big man cave dreams into a tiny budget reality.

The centerpiece–and most important aspect of the man cave—is the TV. The purpose of a man cave is to have an area for you to watch sports, play video games and watch some movies, right? All those things require a TV. Toshiba offers affordable but attractive models, like 32-inch HDTV 720p LCD TVs. As far as affordability goes, that is about as good as it gets. Crystal clear picture quality as if you are actually inside the screen and incredible color contrast, all in a 32-inch frame.

If Toshiba isn’t the brand for you, there are similar models made by Panasonic and Samsung. Any great TV should have an accompanying Cinemate 1 SR home theater system to get match movie theater sound with impressive visuals.

Once you’ve got your television in place, the rest should be easy. Of course, you’ll need comfortable furnishings to enjoy your new flat screen. Throw a few bean bag chairs or a sofa into your room along with a recliner or two, and comfort will be a non-issue.

Next you’ll need the ultimate movie collection. While you could go buy a simple DVD/Blu-Ray player, but why not splurge just a bit and buy a device that plays both? The PlayStation 3 is the ultimate man cave essential.

The PlayStation 3 can play regular DVD’s as well as Blu-rays, and also allows you to play your favorite sports or first-person shooter video games—all with dazzling visuals and sound. Additionally, you can play your buddies online with the PlayStation Network. If price is an issue for you, don’t worry: the PlayStation 3 320GB version is priced under $300, and you can buy the slim version if you need to conserve space in your man cave.

That’s about all you will need for a simple but awesome man cave. It’s as simple as entertainment, comfort and affordability. All things considered, there’s no reason your ultimate man cave experience should cost you more than $1,000. Between your PlayStation 3 and television, each costing around $300, you should still have around $400 for a comfortable recliner and sofa. In the end, if you still have room in your budget, you can always buy a mini-refrigerator stocked with your favorite beverages and snacks. Another cheap addition to make your man cave just a bit better, is putting a few of your favorite posters or sports memorabilia around the room to complete the project. Once it’s finished, sit back, relax and enjoy your ultimate man cave creation.

Ashley Spade is a law student who lives in Chicago. When she isn’t finding ways to have fun on a graduate student budget (aka nonexistent), she enjoys training for triathlons, home improvement/DIY projects, and hanging out with her sidekick Sir Winston Pugsalot, a mischievous pug. Follow her adventures on Twitter: @ashspade

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