Your Guide to Making the Most out of your Store Saver Cards

Is your wallet stuffed full of saver cards to every place you shop? Or is your key ring so full of them you can’t find your keys? It seems like every store I shop has a saver card for in-store discounts or fuel rewards. So what’s a girl to do to make the most of all the saver cards? Here’s my store by store guide to doing just that.


Walgreens is one of my favorite stores to shop at and not just because it’s literally right down the street from my house. (Is it bad that the store clerks know me by my first name when I walk in? However, they don’t talk off running when they see me!)  Walgreens introduced a new Balance Rewards program recently, and I signed up the first time I went to the store.

You can earn points on your card several different ways:

  • Purchase items within the store that are offering special points. Check Walgreens weekly ad each week to see what items earn you points on your card.
  • Exercise! You can sign up online and earn points to exercising and tracking your progress.
  • Fill your prescriptions or get your immunizations at Walgreens.

When you accumulate as little as 5000 points, you can redeem your points for $5 off your purchase.

Now how can you make the most out of your Balance Rewards cards?

  • Let your points accumulate as long as you can.  The more points you save, the bigger your discount.
  • Choose to redeem your points when you are making larger purchases
  • Divide your transactions and earn the most points possible per shopping trip. For example, if there’s a product offering rewards, and you want 2 of them, you’ll need to break up your transactions into 2 separate ones to get points on each product.

Keep in mind that much like the Register Rewards program, there are restrictions as to what you can use your points towards. Here is a link to the “fine print” about Balance Rewards.

If you need more help with Balance Rewards, check out or visit your local store.


I’ll admit I’ve only shopped at CVS a handful of times.  There weren’t any in a convenient location to me until recently.  I asked some friends of mine who shop there and also checked out the CVS website. CVS has a program similar to Walgreens Register Rewards; only at CVS they’re called Extra Care cards. You can earn ECB (Extra Care Bucks) by buying certain items each week.

For more information about the CVS Extra Care program, check out their website

So how do you make the most of your CVS Extra Care Card? I talked with my friend who shops there regularly, and she said the trick is to consistently “roll” your rewards each week. For example, a few weeks ago she said they had jelly beans on sale for 99 cents which also produced a 99 cent ECB to use later. The next time she went to CVS, she used her 99 cent ECB to buy something else that had ECB attached to it. She said the site is very helpful to find the best CVS match ups each week.


Target is also one of my favorite places to shop. There’s just something about shopping at Target that makes a girl feel good! A few years back Target introduced a Debit card to customers. Here are a few perks to having a Target Debit card.

  • Purchases made come directly out of your checking account much like your regular Visa Checkcard.
  • 5% off on all your Target purchases.
  • Free shipping from on any amount

So how do you make the most of your Target RedCard?

  • Stack your manufacturers and store coupons with your RedCard for extra savings
  • Buy more of your everyday items here too. For example, if an item is the same price at Walmart as it is at Target, buy it at Target to make it just a little less expensive.

Supermarket Fuel Saver Cards

Three of the supermarkets in my area offer some kind of fuel saver program to save you money at the gas pump. I know these kinds of programs are common around the country, so I thought I would just to a general how to.

  • Take advantage of “bonus” items. Sometimes buying certain items at the supermarket can get you additional savings.
  • Use before they expire. Some stores only have “points” or “cents off” for 30 days or 6 months, so keep track and fill up your gas tank before they expire.
  • If your store offers discounts based on total dollars spent, do more of your everyday shopping at the store with the best fuel discount or the store you frequent the most. For example, my Schnucks store gives me 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 I spend. When I go coupon shopping at Schnucks, I’ll pick up more of my everyday items on my grocery list there to add to my total.
  • Stick with one card for the store you shop most. Rather than trying to remember how many points you have at one store or another, do most of your shopping at one store and accumulate the most points.

There’s an App for That

Recently a friend told me about an app for iPhone and Android called Lemon Wallet where I can scan and type in the information on my saver’s cards and then use my phone to have the cashier “scan” my cards. It was pretty easy to set up and best of all, it was free!

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