Zombieland reviewed.

I don’t claim to be a professional reviewer, nor can I claim to be an unprofessional one. A friend of mine once said, about me, “You don’t like movies, you like to rip apart movies.” Which is true. Kind of.

I love bad movies. Not the ‘so bad it is good.’ Like the third Evil Dead movie, or guilty pleasure movies of mine, such as BioDome. I’m sure by mentioning that movie, I’ve lost all credibility, which is wonderful! Now I can continue since no one is reading.

To get back on track, I like Zombieland and have proudly given it a 7 out of 10 on IMDB. (Side note, I’ve rated 1524 movies on IMDB. Conservatively, that’s 127 days spent watching movies out of my life. I won’t rest until it is an entire year of my life!) While I did not find it as great as Shaun of the Dead, I liked it. It was fun, a bit too gory at times. The opening credits, set up the tone of the movie, while showing the quick spread and downfall of the world due to zombies, is rife with zombies spewing bile and consuming victims. Queasy stomachs should certainly not be entering the theater. One stand out scene was that of the two main male characters, Tallahassee & Columbus, talking about the lack of humans while a woman snarfs down a male corpse. I don’t need a lesson on life while watching a woman break open a bone to drink the marrow.

The movie was brisk though, only dragging after the hilarious misfortune of a great cameo had come to fruition. Then the movie shifted gears from act two to act three and the movie picked up once more. It was a satisfying romp and one of the few summer movies that I saw on opening night. Plus, one has to admire a movie that has a showdown in an amusement park.

Ah the ending, that was a great part of the movie. It really an amusement park was a great place for the massive final zombie assault. Satisfying. That’s what the movie was. Some queasy gore aside, satisfying. The commercials didn’t lie and the best laughs were not in the trailer.

On a side note, to everyone who doesn’t feel like paying for the movie but wants to stock up on some horror classics and earn a free ticket to it, can look here: Free Zombieland movie ticket with purchase of DVD at Amazon. Or just for laughs, some zombie deals here:Party Down in Zombieland! Zombie Deals Here!

If one likes haunted houses, I’m looking forward to reviewing Paranormal Activity opening this weekend (hopefully in my market). Any movie that can, reportedly, freak out Spielberg is good enough for me.

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