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Twin Cities listen and win

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12/7/13 10:49 AM
My little dogs sure don't like the cold. Their little paws get cold.
12/7/13 1:29 PM
Andy bets on the game tomorrow?
12/7/13 1:30 PM
I told my Pomeranian this morning to go potty, opened the door and she looked at me like, "you go potty".

107 insider bonus code = santa (I don't remember seeing this posted)
12/7/13 2:35 PM
One of my Maltese, Shorty (the crazy one), was going out yesterday. He was up by the door so I couldn't reach his hook. I pushed him down and realized his tongue had been stuck to the metal storm door. When he came in, all he wanted to do was lick the floor. I had blood all over the floor until I finally picked him up and just held him for a while. I don't know what I should have done. Never heard of a dog doing it before.
12/7/13 5:08 PM
Our youngest pug doesn't like this weather either. He will go out, well, we carry him out, and he will do one business, then look at us to let him in. We tried the boots, but he tries to keep all his feet off the ground at the same time, and when we put him outside, he wouldn't move.
12/7/13 6:19 PM
2Cute - let shorty drink water, it should be OK. Keep an eye on the tongue to make sure it is improving.

When it got really cold out my Dixie Star (a petite Rottie) would bound out side and realize how cold it was, look back at me, I would bend my knees (body language for pee) and she would. By then, she acclimated and she would run off to play. All I know for sure is I am glad I don't have to go outside to take care of business - it's frigging cold out there!
12/7/13 11:14 PM
Blockbusters = East Enders
In The News = South Carolina


Music Pop Quiz† = Of Mice and Men
Pop Culture Trivia = Juan Manuel Marquez


Music Quiz = Otis Redding
Remember When = Space Invaders

Fun Fall Video Trivia = GOD
Entertainment Zone! = RADioactive
Video Trivia Time = DANce
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous! = 3 Months
VIDEO: World's Largest Gingerbread Hous... = FINe dining
VIDEO: Paul Walker Died From Injuries &... = ROGer
VIDEO: Make A Beaded Mini Christmas Tre... = PINs
VIDEO: Mariah Carey Performs = BLAck
VIDEO: Holiday Cocktail - The Perfect G... = LIMe
Videos Gone Wild! = WHIte House Honor
Watch: 5 Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter = CHOose the right concealer
Your Daily Video Trivia = (No Video!)

String = GodRadDan3 MFinRogPinBlaLimWhiCho
12/8/13 10:32 AM

12/8/13 10:33 AM
______Sunday Morning Sports Talk = MODel
12/8/13 1:54 PM

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1265 of 2082
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