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Eagle Club, 96.9 The Eagle, Sacramento, CA

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6/20/13 3:40 PM
Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 11
Classic Rock= Bill Ward
AMEX Presents= Frost
Videos Gone Wild= Global
Stop Exporting Amer. Jobs= Signature

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Under the Covers
Word Du Jour= Covers

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6/20/13 11:15 PM
Programs Available For You! 21: Additional visits
Root Canals OUCH! 21: Restored tooth
Daily Dose Summer Video Trivia!L Global
Entertainment Zone!: walk on the wild side
Sesame Street Helps Kids Deal 21: Blue
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Feet
Videos Gone Wild!: Miami
See Lindsay Lohan in Rehab 21: Dark top
Gaga Ditches Her Crazy Couture 21: Outrageous
Nigella Lawson Leaves Home 21: Sunday
Miss Utah Fumbles Interview Question 21: Nene
String: AddResGloWalBluFeeMiaDarOutSunNen
6/21/13 2:05 AM
Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 3
Classic Rock= LSD
Before They Were Famous= Ditch Digger
First Lines= Joey
Get Your Game On= Star Killer
Show Me The Money= 1991
Celebrity= Jodi Arias
Entertainment= Hey There Delilah

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Under the Influence
Word Du Jour= TGIF

String= 3AddResGloWalBluFeeMiaDarOutSunNenHamBriArkVixBeyUndTgi
6/21/13 7:52 AM
Today in History June 21: New Hampshire
New LEGO Exhibit Opens in Times Square: The Art of the Brick
Prisoners Save Pooches From Doggie Death...: Arkansas
Vapor Cigarettes Smoking Hot Trend: Vixen Vapors
Kim K.'s Baby Name Revealed: Beyoncé

String: AddResGloWalBluFeeMiaDarOutSunNen3HamBriArtVixBey
6/21/13 8:20 PM
6/21/13 11:12 PM
Fat Into Muscle 22: Personel Trainers
Headache Trivia: Chronic
Jaw & Facial Pain 22: 75%
Daily Dose Summer Video Trivia!: 3
Entertainment Zone!: I have not seen it
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: New
Videos Gone Wild!: Sun
Endless Vacation Sweepstakes - June 3: 3 or three but not taking answer
Kris Jenner Teases New Show 22: Black
Tamra Barney Ties Knot 22: Orange
Kim K. Is a New Mommy! 22: Saturday
Sarah Silverman Roasts Mel Brooks at AFI...: Wrap it up
Ali Lohan's Sizzling Photo Spread 22: Spotlight
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6/22/13 2:06 AM
Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Blue
Classic Rock= Spartanburg
Before They Were Famous= Howard Hughes
First Lines= Watch this shot now
Get Your Game On= George Struggs
Show Me The Money= $20
Celebrity= Christopher Walken
Entertainment= Jennifer Lopez

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6/22/13 11:12 PM
How the Body Reacts to Stress 23:Freda but use Fri
Daily Dose Summer Video Trivia!: Human
Entertainment Zone!: No
LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Monopoly
Videos Gone Wild!: Liz
Hypertensive Crisis 23: Blood pressure
Healthy Salty, Crunchy Snacks 23: White bread
What are Miracle Berries? 23: Taste buds
The Latest HIV Breakthroughs 23: 14
String: FriHumNoMonLizBloWhiTas143 o
6/23/13 3:18 AM
Before They Were Famous ... Steve Buscemi
Celebrity Interview ... Kristin Davis
Entertainment Video ... Wallet
First Lines ... The Pink Panther
Get Your Game On ... Patrick Stewart
Show Me The Money ... Statue of Liberty's Torch

Music Trivia ... Come With Me

Hot Music ... Jack Johnson

Music Pop Quiz ... Katy Perry

Endless Vacation Sweepstakes - June 3 ... 3 or more

Games 'n eCards ... 10

String ... FriHumNoMonLizBloWhiTas143 o10
6/23/13 8:56 AM
Is soda bad for your teeth?: 868
Non-soda beverages and your teeth!: Plaque

String: FriHumNoMonLizBloWhiTas10143 o868GorPla
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