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Eagle Club, 96.9 The Eagle, Sacramento, CA

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3/14/13 2:35 AM
Daily Trivia

Games= 60
Classic Rock= lust for life
Before They Were Famous= mcdonalds
First Lines= earthly powers
Get Your Game On= james hong
Show Me The Money= denmark
Celebrity= the call
Entertainment= clarity
Video On Demand= $9/hr
Video Entertainment Center= Victoria secret
Gimme Jimi= rolling stone
Children Trivia= Medicade
Crown Trivia= Appearance
Health Trivia= Individual Plan
Dental Trivia= Stainless

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Three fer madness
Word Du Jour= Cosmo

String= 60VicMedAppIndSta53CotStrParThrCos
3/14/13 3:31 AM
Blue Plate = Threefers
3/14/13 7:56 AM
Tiger Woods' Ex Has a New Man: 53
How Sean & Catherine Kept Their Secret: In a house
Today in History for March 14th: Cotton
Jeff Gordon's Pepsi "Test Drive" Prank: Black
"Modern Family" Star Jesse Tyler Ferguso...: Meryl STReep
Katy Perry Signs Deal Worth Over $2 Mill...: Part of me
string: Vic53CotStrPar
3/14/13 11:18 PM
Fat Trivia 15: Exercise
Tongue Trivia 15: ADA
Muscle Trivia 15: prestigious
Healthy Trivia 15: dry mouth
Video Entertainment Center: Liz

String: ExeADAPreDryLiz
3/15/13 3:05 AM
Daily Trivia

Games= 28
Classic Rock= steve miller
Before They Were Famous= ancient history
First Lines= i write this sitting at the end of my bed
Get Your Game On= snoop dogg
Show Me The Money= quid
Celebrity= jennifer aniston
Entertainment= vinyl
Video On Demand= go missin'
Gimme Jimi= billy cox
AOL - Trend To Try Braids= Braided Flower
AOL - Beauty Mistakes= Neutrogena
AOL - How To Create Vogue Waves= Black
AOL - 5 Must Have Fashion Items= The Classic Trenchcoat
AOL - How To Get A Fushsia Lip= Lip brush
AOL - How To Make Lipstick Last 15 = Light Berry Lips
AOL - Fitpacking For Weight Loss= 20
AOL - Overcoming Personal Tragedy= California
AOL - Restaurant Style= Chocolate Souffle Cakes
AOL - Calorie Snack Ideas= Strawberries
AOL - Healthier Fast Food= Eggs
TLC - Travel Ideas= Outdoorsy
TLC - Destinations= Attractions
TLC - Thrift Stores= Find all the stores
Animal Planet - Kittens= Cat's side
HSW - Retirment Planning= 1978
HSW - Save Money= Attaining

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= AC/dc-guns and roses
Word Du Jour= Godfather

String= 28BraNeuBlaClaLipLig20CalChoStrEggOutAttFinCat197YelLacJulRicLizExeAdaPreDryAc/God
3/15/13 9:35 AM
See Nicki Minaj Without Makeup: yellow
Taco Bell Creates 15,000 Jobs Just from: 1 million per day
Red Hot Selena Gomez Takes the Plunge at: lace
Today in History for March 15th: Julius Ceasar
Jessica Simpson Reveals New Baby Maxwell: Nicole Richie
AOL: BraNeuBlaClaLipLig20CalChoStrEgg (CLA works not The)
String: ExeADAPreDryLizYelLacJulRic
3/15/13 11:39 PM
Health Trivia 16 - three
Dental Trivia 16 - Naturally
Lower Insurance Trivia 16 - Managed care
Safe Trivia 16 - sticky film

String - ThrNatManSti
3/16/13 12:24 AM
Justin Bieber Lashes Out! 16: Mayleen
Video Entertainment Center: White
Dancing With the Star's Kym Johnson Dons: Season 16
Jennifer Love Hewett is Maxim's Sexiest: Loved
Miranda Lambert Rescues a Pooch 16: Oklahoma
Go Inside Taylor's First RED Tour Performance: Good Evening

String: NatThrManStiMayWhiseaLovOklGoo
3/16/13 11:18 PM
Video Entertainment Center: Blue
Check Out This Spring's Mom Chic Styles ...: Purse
Single Dad Makeover 17: Fellows
Katy Perry Signs Deal Worth Over $2 Mill...: Blue
Nicki Minaj 'High School' Music Video Sn...: Green
Cops: Drunk Hockey Player Breaks Into Wr...: Patrick
String: BluPurFelGrePat
3/17/13 3:05 AM
Daily Trivia

Games= Yellow
Classic Rock= elton john
Before They Were Famous= as the world turns
First Lines= two households, both the same in dignity
Get Your Game On= milo burik
Show Me The Money= cabbage
Celebrity= age gracefully
Entertainment= he fainted
Video On Demand= the giving pledge
Jackson Rancheria= $10
Flossing Trivia= Periodontal
Aging Trivia = Dental floss
Colgate Trivia= Good oral hygiene
Gums Trivia= Tissue and bone

String= Yel$10BluPurFelGrePatPerDenGooTis
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