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Eagle Club, 96.9 The Eagle, Sacramento, CA

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1/21/13 2:32 AM
Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= Bagels
Classic Rock= Led Zeppelin IV
Before They Were Famous= Reese Witherspoon
First Lines= They're talking about the curse again
Get Your Game On= 16 stages
Show Me The Money= Fiver
What Did They Say= Don't you look back
Cache Creek= $1,000
First 5= Tobacco
One Big Bin= Trade
iMax= Aatilano
Video Trivia Time= Red
Videos NDN Style= Nibble on the carrots
Video Trivia Anyone= Nibbling
Watch and Win= Botox
Video Unlimited= Vermont
Travel Trivia= cleveland
Foodie Fun Trivia= team guy

Listen and Win
Word Du Jour= Martin

String= Bag$1,TobTraAatRedNibBotVerMar
1/22/13 2:27 AM
Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 14
Classic Rock= Their fans
Before They Were Famous= Elijah Woods
First Lines= Josh Hartnett
Get Your Game On= Did Dug
Show Me The Money= $100
What Did They Say= Just stuck hollow and alone
Video Trivia Time= Retire
Videos NDN Style= London
Video Trivia Anyone= Lonely this Christmas
Watch and Win= Gq
Video Unlimited= Old Faithful
Travel Trivia= simon
Foodie Fun Trivia= is still lost when it comes to cooking

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Bon Jovi/Billy Idol
Word Du Jour= Hair

String= 14RetLonGqOldBonHai
1/22/13 2:38 PM

AoL - What To Wear When It's Cold 22 = Fleece Lined Arm Warmer
AoL - Coast To Coast Northeast 22 = Nordstrom
AoL - Trend To Try Braids 22 = Messy
AoL - Coast To Coast Midwest 22 = White
AoL - Life After Breast Cancer 22 = 47
AoL - Flu Season Health Tips 22 = No shoes in the house
AoL - Healthy Bread Recipes 22 = Brown Bread with Lemon-Cream Cheese Topping
AoL - Resolutions Good & Bad 22 = Snack Smarter
AoL - Re-Enlisting At Age 60 22 = I realize I am old and have white hair
AoL - Soup & Sandwich 22 = New England Clam Chowder

Are You A Super-Achiever? VIDEO = Dedication to your vision
The Office Series Finale:What to Expect... = Blue
FreeFlys Trivia = Take
L.A.'s $30 Million Spa Palace = 2003
Tax Time Trivia Made Easy! = Print
Boutique Trivia = Own
Raw: Beyonce's National Anthem = Green
WF - Presents CupCake Trivia = Full
Prince Harry Finally Speaks On Vegas Pho... = Army
Musical Moments in Inauguration History = John F. Kennedy
Free Tan For A Year Trivia! = your Age range
Micro Apartments= 50%

string = FleNorMesWhi47NoLemSnaNewBluTakPriOwnGreFulArmAge
1/23/13 5:50 PM
Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 10
Classic Rock= The Sound of Silence
Before They Were Famous= Vince Vaughn
First Lines= Name?
Get Your Game On= Duck Hunt
Show Me The Money= $0.25
What Did They Say= Billie Jean is not my lover
Stralen Law= A+
Video Trivia Time= Nibble
Videos NDN Style= Breaking rules
Video Trivia Anyone= Breaking rules
Watch and Win= Sydney
Video Unlimited= Brooklyn
Travel Trivia= hanging with Kermit Rufing
Foodie Fun Trivia= a stationary bike
Free Tanning= Green
WTF?! Simon Cowell's Expensive Must-Have...= carrots
Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces He= red
Anheuser-Busch's Super Bowl Ad Moves - V...= black crown
A Future Of Toys And iPads= small figures
Shakira Gives Birth to Baby Boy Milan in...= unification

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks
Word Du Jour= Pie

String= 10A+NibBreSydBroGreTomPie
1/24/13 3:24 AM
Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 64
Classic Rock= Somewhere
Before They Were Famous= Inxs
First Lines= It's getting cold
Get Your Game On= Shellcreeper
Show Me The Money= Schilling
What Did They Say= And the fever when I'm beside her
Video Trivia Time= Black
Videos NDN Style= Production
Video Trivia Anyone= production
Watch and Win= Old Faithful
Video Unlimited= Dallas Mavericks
Travel Trivia= mardi gras world
Foodie Fun Trivia= moderation
Hidden Art:World Trade Center Graffiti= rebar and concrete
Apple= 13.1 billion dollars
Fewer Chicken Wings Available= bacon
DIY:Snackadium for Super Bowl Parties= snackadium.com
The Music Industry's Best New Jobs= $55,000
Discount Furniture= Classroomessentialsonline.com
Housewares Discounts and Cool Trivia= Ice cream spoon
Electric Lawn Mower= Garden
Do you have a wine cellar?= Red
Lawn Mower Trivia= Green
Research Trivia= What is your current marital status?

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Journey/Doobie Brothers
Word Du Jour= Captain and Carson

String= 64BlaProOldDalClaIceGarRedGreWhaJouCap
1/25/13 4:02 AM
Before They Were Famous = Weatherman
First Lines = a health restaurant
Get Your Game On = Hogan's Alley
Show Me The Money = Susan B. Anthony
What Did They Say = My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating.
Foodie Fun Trivia = 30 Rock
Travel Trivia = Lamb tongue soup
1/25/13 3:14 PM
Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 100
Classic Rock= Elton John
Show Me the Money= Martha Washington NOTE:Susan B Anthony was changed to Martha Washington
Video Trivia Time= Raising money
Videos NDN Style= Kristina Behr
Video Trivia Anyone= Slim down
Watch and Win= Vermont
Video Unlimited= Victoria Becham
AoL-What To Wear When It's Cold Outside= Dollhouse Quilted Lined Vest
AoL-How To Revamp Old Clothing= Lace
AoL-Trend To Try Braids= Thick Sleek Braid
AoL-Fab Lipstick Tricks= Peachy Pout
AoL-Life After Breast Cancer= Long Island NY
AoL-Flu Season Health Tips= Wash your hands and towel not air dry.
AoL-Healthy Bread Recipes= Five-Grain Quick Bread
AoL-Resolutions Good & Bad= Be on time.
AoL-Re-Enlisting At Age 60= 1972
AoL-Soup & Sandwich= Grilled Cheese

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= SammyVanMontroe
Word Du Jour= Sam

String= 100RaiKriSliVerVicDolLacThiPeaLonWasFivBe197GriSam
1/26/13 12:22 AM
1/25/13 Evening Codes

Video Trivia Time= Drinking beers
Watch This Video Earn Points= Dining room
Videos NDN Style= Quized in the face
Video Trivia-Unlimited Edition= Ellen
Merchandise/Table: 32
Elite Trivia= One step ahead
Perfect stroller= 3
MegaPhone Trivia= Foam
All About The Bed Trivia= Lush
Sunglasses Trivia= Poly Bagged

String: DriDinQuiEll32OneFoaLusPol
1/26/13 2:21 AM
Bonus Sites= Over 45,000 free points

Daily Trivia
Games= 10
Classic Rock= Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
Before They Were Famous= Steve McQueen
First lines= Statler Toyota
Get Your Game On= Andy Capp's Tavern
Show Me The Money: Krone
Video Trivia Anyone= Sneak
Watch and Win= Wisconsin

String= 10DriQuiSneEllWisDin32OneFoaLusPol
1/27/13 2:20 AM
Before They Were Famous = My Best Friend's Birthday
First Lines = Chrissie
Get Your Game On = NHL 94
Show Me The Money = Kroon
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