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Eagle Club, 96.9 The Eagle, Sacramento, CA

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10/13/13 7:52 AM
Classic Rock= the Eagles

VIDEO: Facebook Bikes To Work= the Hub

10/13/13 9:20 AM
Classic rock-EAGLES
10/13/13 6:17 PM
Videos Gone Wild!: Sunscreen working now
10/13/13 7:20 PM
Bonus Sites= Free Points

Fun Fall Trivia= 33

String= 33HubSunFacRarEll5 d29SerMinTap92%
10/13/13 11:21 PM
Video Trivia Time: Michael
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Nail salon
Entertainment Zone!: Simple
Videos Gone Wild!:†Health
VIDEO: Long live Marc Jacobs: Feathers
String: MicNaiSimHeaFea
10/14/13 2:02 AM
Bonus Sites= Free Points

Daily Trivia
4th Quarter= Hurricanes
Classic Rock= Northwestern State Univ.
Blockbuster= Springfield, Vermont
In the News= The Scarecrow
Remember When= Family Ties
Celebrity Interview= Lea Michelle
Cache Creek= 7:00pm
iMax= Yes
Folsom Chevy= $7.75
LKQ= Pulling
One Big Bin= Recovery
Fall Fun Video= Wild cat
Daily Video Trivia= 35
Vegas Body Painting= Wonder woman
Vegas Photography= her Hotel

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= class of 1969 (my class)
Word Du Jour= Moody
Tom's Theme= Currency

String= †7.7YesPulRecWil35WonHotMicNaiSimHeaFeaNor90%Ros$3019th12 MMatCarDefTwiMia969MooCur
10/14/13 1:24 PM
VIDEO: Today in History for October 14th ...Norway
VIDEO: 'One Size Fits All' Car Features...90 %
VIDEO: Ancient Relics Transform Calif Bu - Rosemead
VIDEO: iPotty: Toilet Training With An iPotty - $30
VIDEO: Man Discovers Secret Dungeon - 19th
VIDEO: Does It Work?: The Bacon Wave - 12 Min
Changes In My Coverage - maternity care
Nutrition & Oral Health - deficiencies
Coolest Cruises For Families - Twister
Top 10 Cruise Ships - Miami
10/14/13 11:06 PM
VIDEO TRIVIA: Katy Perry Plays Taboo wit...: Stringers with Kenny
Video Trivia Time: 27
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous!: Vegetarian
Entertainment Zone!: Instinct
Videos Gone Wild!: Her
String: Str27VegInsHer
10/15/13 2:42 AM
Bonus Sites= Free Points

Daily Trivia
Remember When= The Terminator
Fun Fall Trivia= Tour
Daily Video Trivia= 96
What's right for me = Health
Prevention of tartar = Susceptible
I Want That= $1000
I Love Chocolate=†Godiva
Making All My Dreams Come True= Red
What a relief= Seven
Game time= Spades
Newest video in town= Bonus tokens
Anyone hungery= Red
Best Part Of Waking Up= Blue
Moisture= Purple

Listen and Win
Blue Plate Special= Fire
Word Du Jour= Flame
Tom's Theme= Rumours

String= Tou96HeaSus$10GodRedSevSpaBonBluPurStr27VegInsHerFirFlaRum
10/15/13 8:03 AM
4th Quarter: David Ortiz
Blockbusters: May 23, 1955
Celebrity Interview Video Trivia: Big Bang Theory
In The News: $37090
Music Pop Quiz: Venus
VIDEO: Today in History for October 15th: I love LUCy
VIDEO: CA Wine Region Is Now Pumpkin Cap...:1985
VIDEO: New York Opens Statue of Liberty: 33
TRIVIA: SpaceX Grasshopper Rocket Launch...:2500
VIDEO: Street Fighter II: Cat & Dog Edit...: Dog
String: Str27VegInsHer96Tou985Luc33250Dog
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