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Healthy summer smoothie recipes fit for Memorial Day: 2
Jaden Smith goes to prom in white Batman: Sean Combs
Rebel Wilson responds to claims she's no..: 1980
Parents upset about YouTube Kids app: under 5
The cities with the worst mosquitos: Atlanta

Breaking News Video Trivia: 7 hours
Center Stage Video Trivia: Beyonce
Explore The World: 4 hours
Newsstand Central: Water
Secret Science Laboratory: 2%
Wonders Of The World Trivia: Delaware

String: 7 H4 HBeyDel2%Wat


4th Quarter Quiz: LeBron James
Blockbusters: Her 
Book Worm Trivia: Gave Him A Pig's Tail
Dad's Choice Trivia:  Neck Tie
Entertainment Video Trivia: Pablow 
Fashion Facts: Karlie Kloss 
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: 45-55 degrees 
Foodie Knowledge: 12 
Get Your Game On: Tap Tap Revenge 
Healthy Knowledge: 82.6 Years
Prime Time Crime: Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Recipe Trivia: 2
Sports Trivia: Grass Area Around Putting Surface
Super Heroes: Joe Simon And Jack Kirby
TV Trivia: Kyle 
Word Play Trivia: Agitate

Music Pop Quiz: Josh Groban
Pop Clips Trivia: Dane Cook

Classic Rock Challenge:  Humble Pie 

Country Music Trivia = Lee Ann Womack
Country Livin Trivia = Brandy Clark  

Music Skills: Usher  

Café – SODa
Town – GLEndale
Artist – SARa Evans
Team – PITtsburg Pirates
Facebook – LANdscape
95.7 In Word – CAR
Music Quiz: Les Paul & Mary Ford

Toddler Loses Life From Falling - 8th Floor
Women Adopted as Babies Find Each – Columbia University
Harley The Cockatoo Loves To Sing –  cups
Homeless Woman Becomes Oprah Look Alike – In a van
8 Year Old Bonds With Chicken – Snowflake
Jobs of David Letterman – weatherman
Phillies Fan Pushes Lady To Catch Ball – Autographed Ball

Rock Music Trivia: Lacuna Coil

Daily Video Trivia: NO QUESTION
Word Play Trivia: Eithteenth

4th Quarter Quiz: Emma & Kinsley
Blockbusters Trivia: In Prison
Book Worm Trivia: George
Classic Rock Challenge: I Don't Like Mondays
Country Livin': Isaiah Michael Fisher 
Country Music Trivia: Little Big Town  
Entertainment Video Trivia: Jay Leno
Fashion Facts: Jourdan Dunn
Foodie Knowledge: A Blend Of Spices
Get Your Game On: The Atlantean Scion
Healthy Knowledge: A Balanced Breakfast
Music Pop Quiz: Justin Bieber  
Music Quiz: Long Tall Sally
Music Skills: Tyrese  
Pop Clips Trivia: Merlin 
Prime Time Crime: Miami
Recipe Trivia: 3/4 cup
Rock Music Trivia:  Machine Shop Records   
Sports Trivia: Hooking
Super Heroes: Johann Schmidt
TV Trivia: Litchfield Penitentiary  

Secret Science Laboratory:  8 
Breaking News Video Trivi..:  Twin Peaks 
Center Stage Video Trivia:  Mountain View 
Newstand Central:  Fashion Police 
Explore The World:  reservations 
Wonders Of The World Triv..:  Aspire  

string:  ---8TwiMouFAspRes

Town – MUSkego
Café – WATermelon
Facebook – SUNset
Artist – SAM Hunt
Team – HOUston Astros
Murphy & Megs In Word - Race

Affectionate Dairy Cow:  Chile
Ellen Launching Fashion Line: ED
Tips for Budget Barbecue: Popsicles and Ice Cream Sandwiches
Dumbest Songs of Last 10 Years - Drunk in Love
Distracted Drivers Study:   7 out of 10 people

Daily Video Trivia: 2011

95.7 oldies newsletter red nose
97.3 now email buzzword- TUEsday

Town –PEWaukee
Café – JUIce
Artist – HUNter Hayes
Team – TAMpa Bay Rays
Facebook – HOLiday
95.7 In Word - 1911
4th Quarter Quiz: Kansas City Royals
Blockbusters Trivia: India
Book Worm Trivia: Gilderoy Lockheart
Classic Rock Challenge: Jeff Beck
Country Livin': Miranda Lambert
Country Music Trivia: Keith Urban
Entertainment Video Trivia: Minions
Fashion Facts: Kelly Rohrbach 
Foodie Knowledge: A Roll Cake Served At Christmas
Get Your Game On: The Line
Healthy Knowledge: A Fixation With Healthy Food
Music Pop Quiz: Kirk Franklin
Music Quiz: Love Letters In The Sand
Music Skills: the West Coast version features Too Short
Pop Clips Trivia: Domino's
Prime Time Crime: Philadelphia
Recipe Trivia: Chicken breast
Rock Music Trivia: Marilyn Manson
Sports Trivia: Horacio Llamas
Super Heroes: John F. Kennedy
TV Trivia: Lynbrook
Daily Video Trivia: 33
Word Play: amble
Breaking News Video Trivia: 7 AM
Center Stage Video Trivia: Animator
Explore The World: Lobster
Newsstand Central: Red
Secret Science Laboratory: Rosemary
Wonders Of The World Trivia: #bigboyproblems

string: ros7amaniredbig

We Remember Badge:
Any Hot Deals thread posted in between 5/22 and 5/28.

Make sure you pick a really good deal, don't wait till the last minute to do it, for you may miss it. 

'Letterman' set put in dumpsters the – Broadway
5 Sleeping hacks you need to know - REM
Google helps with driving just in time - 33 million
Jennifer Aniston joins Instagram for a - Living Proof
Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' video – 20.1 million

Breaking News Video Trivia: 37
Center Stage Video Trivia:  4
Explore The World: California
Newstand Central:  6 Months
Secret Science Laboratory: Atlanta
Wonders Of The World Trivia: 24 hours

String:  374Cal6moAtl

Daily Video Trivia: 400 million
Word Play: Facilites

Prime Time: The Closer

Music Quiz - Maybellene

Blockbusters Trivia: Invincibubble
Book Worm Trivia: Hippogriff
Classic Rock Challenge: Jerry Miller
Country Music Trivia: Luke Bryan
Fashion Facts: Gisele Bundchen
Foodie Knowledge: A seafood stew
Get Your Game On: The Silence
Healthy Knowledge: A set
Music Pop Quiz: Laura Welsh
Music Skills: Xania
Rock Music Trivia: match
Sports Trivia: Ilya Kovalchuk
TV Trivia: Marco Polo

97.3 Brett Andrews at Metro PCS 5/23 – Cal (works)

​word play=ammonia

Blockbusters: Iraq
Book Worm Trivia: Horror
Classic Rock Challenge: John Lennon
Country Music Trivia: Keith Urban
Fashion Facts: Hannah Davis
Foodie Knowledge: A Sweet Cake
Get Your Game On: Thief
Healthy Knowledge: About 3 Teaspoons
Music Pop Quiz: LeBron James
Music Quiz: Nat King Cole
Music Skills: Temperature
Prime Time Crime: The Closer
Rock Music Trivia: Michael Pedicone
Sports Trivia: Italy
TV Trivia: Matt Groening
Daily Video Trivia: 5
Super Heroes  -  Kathy Kane

Breaking News Video Trivia: 4
Center Stage Video Trivia: Screen Junkies
Explore The World: Use the TSA precheck
Wonders Of The World Trivia: Bridgewater
Newstand Central: Let's move
Secret Science Laboratory: Pluto

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 

STRING: 4ScrPreBriMovPlu

word play=flouride

95.7 Oldies WRIT
Murphy & Meg's In Word - Mechanic
 Mumble Jumbo - modus operandi (noun) / MOH duhs op uh RAN dee /- a particular way of doing something

Blockbusters Trivia: Jennifer Garner
Country Livin': Vintage
Country Music Trivia: March 3, 2014
Entertainment Video Trivia: Kim Kardashian
Fashion Facts: Doutzen Kroes & Adriana Lima
Get Your Game On: Touch Hockey: FS5
Healthy Knowledge: Absorption
Music Pop Quiz: Lights
Music Quiz: Obscene Lyrics
Music Skills: Charli XCX
Pop Clips Trivia: 30
Classic Rock Challenge...Julian Lennon
Super Heroes...Kurt Wagner
Recipe Trivia...Cottage Cheese
Sports Trivia: Jake Scott And Ricky Williams
Book Worm Trivia...Hunter S. Thompson
Dad's Choice Trivia...Chevy Chase
Foodie Knowledge...Albacore Tuna
Prime Time Crime: The Shield
Rock Music Trivia: Marilyn Manson
TV Trivia: Merv Griffin
Daily Video Trivia: Almond

Ancho-Jalapeno Chile Sauce with Chicken ... - 4
Ellen DeGeneres launching a fashion and ... - Sheets
What $400,000 can buy you - San Antonio
Breaking News Video Trivia: June
Center Stage Video Trivia: More than 1,000,000
Explore The World: snowboard
Newsstand Central: 19 years old
Secret Science Laboratory: loud airplane noise
Wonders Of The World Trivia: New Zealand

String: ~~Jun000Sno19NoiNew

Artist of the Day – Nos
Cafe – Sno
Team of the Day – Was
Town – Nor
Facebook Code – Sno

Bailey's VIP Club Word of the Day – Sno
Reggie's VIP Club Word of the Day – Sno

Does It Work: Balloon Bonanza:  120
Greek Style Turkey Meatloaf:  Dill
Simple Carnitas Tacos:  Avocado
Summer Road Trip Safety:  Bridgestone
The Man Behind The Biggest BBQ Chain In:  15

Breaking News Video Trivia:  Water
Center Stage Video Trivia:  Michelle Collins
Explore The World:  Wave
Newstand Central:  Gloves
Secret Science Laboratory:  Female
Wonders Of The World Trivia:  Be Flexible
String:  WatMicWavGloFemFle

Daily Video Trivia:  5
Word Play Trivia:  Aspire


Town – FRAnklin
Café – Plate
Scotts Team - Cincinnati Reds
Radars Driver –  Kyle Busch
Artist – Darius Rucker
Karen Kritter - Nestle
Facebook – Honor

95.7 In Word – Oil Chjange

4th Quarter Quiz: Clippers
Blockbusters Trivia: Joe Namath
Book Worm Trivia: Iggy Ferras
Classic Rock Challenge: King Crimson
Country Livin': Ray Charles
Country Music Trivia: Martina McBride
Entertainment Video Trivia: Sam Smith
Fashion Facts: Joan Smalls
Foodie Knowledge: Basil
Get Your Game On: Trace
Healthy Knowledge: Airway
Music Pop Quiz: Lil Wayne
Music Quiz: Otis Blackwell
Music Skills: Cleveland
Pop Clips Trivia: Red
Prime Time Crime: The Sopranos
Recipe Trivia: Sweet potato hash
Rock Music Trivia: Nine Inch Nails
Sports Trivia: Janet Jackson
Super Heroes: Lightmaster
TV Trivia: Monica

Selfie Sticks Can Be Dangerous: Wayne Fromm
Money Saving Tips: Plan Your Meals
Woman Leaves $200,000 To Puppy: Bella Mia
Summer Trivia – 75 Mile Beach

​word play=forty

Scott’s Team – CHIcago White Sox
Artist – ZAC Brown Band
Town – watwauwal
Café –  Mug
Facebook – GOLf
95.7 In Word – Brake Job

4th Quarter Quiz – Soccer
Blockbusters - John Madden
Classic Rock Challenge: Lagos, Nigeria
Country Livin': Steven Tyler
Country Music Trivia: : Me and My Gang
Dad's Choice Trivia: Sanibel Island, Florida
Get Your Game On: Uranus
Music Pop Quiz:  Living for Love
Entertainment Video Trivia: Calvin Harris
Fashion Facts: Kate Upton
Music Quiz: Paul Anka
Music Skills: Eminem
Pop Clips Trivia: 16 years
Book Worm Trivia: Iris Johansen
Super Heroes: Loki
Sports Trivia: Jerome Bettis
TV Trivia:  Morgan Spurlock
Summer Trivia: Alice Cooper
Daily Video Trivia: Uraguay
Word Play Trivia: Fourty
Breaking News Video Trivia: Tink (NOT WORKING)
Brewery aging new beer to the music of The Wu-Tang Clan: Philadelphia
Center Stage Vide Trivia: New York
Cow-poo powered bus breaks land speed records: 77
Explore The World: 4 million
Man named Bacon arrested for fight over sausage: 3:30am
Newsstand Central: $49
Not so fast food... Taco Bell eliminates artificial flavors: excess fat
Secret Science Laboratory: Gas Buddy
The Rock sets a selfie world record: 105
Wonders Of The World Trivia: Crayola

String: GasTiNew49Cra4 M

Breaking New Video: Pink works

String: GasTiNew49Cra4 MPin

Secret Science Laboratory:  facetune 
Breaking News Video Trivi..:  poison 
Center Stage Video Trivia:  #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat 
Newstand Central:  Tony Corcoran 
Explore The World: treadmill 
Wonders Of The World Triv..:  American River College 

string  FacPoiBeaTonTreRiv 

Delta Orders Pizza For Delayed Flight:   Pizza Hut
Facebook Personality Types:  Intellectual Type 
Least Stressful Jobs in America:  Hair Stylist
Massive San Andreas Quake Can Happen:  1500
Pinterest Pick: Little Lemon Souffles:  1 

4th Quarter Quiz:  A wheel of cheese
Blockbusters Trivia: Jonathan Groff
Classic Rock Challenge: Laura Nyro
Country Livin':  4th
Country Music Trivia:  Moonshine
Daily Video Trivia: Dubai
Entertainment Video Trivia: 30
Foodie Knowledge:  Bread
Get Your Game On:  VICE 123.5
Healthy Knowledge:  Ascorbic Acid
Music Quiz:  Please Please Please
Music Pop Quiz:  LL Cool J
Pop Clips Trivia:  Ellen
Recipe Trivia:  Peaches
Rock Music Trivia:  Paul Gray
Sports Trivia:  John Newcombe
Summer Trivia:  Anse Source d'Argent
Super Heroes:  Marvel Comics
TV Trivia:  No Soup For You
Word Play Trivia:  Blood Vessel

In Word - Tune Up

Facebook - Mow
Artist – Kenny Chesney
Team – San Diego Padres
Town – Shorewood
Café – NAPkin

5 Cocktails Every Chic Woman Should Know:  Strawberry daquiri
Celebs Show Off Hottest Summer Style Tre..:  neoprene
Cher Lands a Modeling Gig:  69
Melissa McCarthy's Fashion Game Is All:  3
The Secret To A Juicy, Non-soggy Burger:  2

Breaking News Video Trivia:  71
Center Stage Video Trivia:  Entertainer
Explore The World:  #ElfieOnEllen
Newstand Central:  60 years
Secret Science Laboratory:  Spanking, and Being Spanked
Wonders Of The World Trivia: Northern Ireland

Sting:  71EntSpaElf60Ire

Daily Video Trivia:  3
Word Play:  Iindustrial



Independence Day:
Any Hot Deals thread posted between 12:00am - 11:59pm (CST) 7/4

The Eagle has Landed:
Post a "stellar" deal (+10 rating) from 7/20-7/26  (It has to be a REALLY good item/sale)

Post a deal categorized in Pets with positive rating from 7/27-8/2

Everyone's a Critic!:
Post a deal categorized in Books & Magazines (Hot Deals or Free Stuff) with positive rating from 8/17-8/23

There are many other badges to be earned.  Some you will get along with working on the badges I talk about, and others, a bit more is required of you.

I heard there is a new badge, so I wrote to Ted, to find out what it is, and maybe how to earn it.

Joe Nichols at Miller Park - Yeah
Town – Glendale
Café – Cup

Artist – Gloriana
Scott’s Team – Seattle Mariners
Facebook – Weekend

95.7 In Word – Fluid
95.7 oldies newsletter: Target97-3 NOW Eblast 5/28/15 – bash – BasBrett Andrews at Ugly's 5/29 – Par

4th Quarter Quiz: Buccaneers
Blockbusters Trivia: Josh Gad
Book Worm Trivia: James Bond
Classic Rock Challenge: Led Zeppelin I
Country Livin': Luke Bryan
Country Music Trivia: Not Acting Their Age
Entertainment Video Trivia:
Foodie Knowledge: Cabbage Family
Get Your Game On: Wii Sports
Healthy Knowledge: B2
Music Pop Quiz: Miley Cyrus
Music Quiz: Ricky Nelson
Music Skills: The New Workout Plan
Pop Clips Trivia: Mexico City
Recipe Trivia: Brick
Rock Music Trivia: Portrait of an American Family
Sports Trivia: Julius Pruitt
Summer Trivia: Aroa
Super Heroes: Mephistopheles
TV Trivia: Oh My...
Entertainment Video Trivia: Rumer Willis

Blanco River Bursts Through Living Room –  Austin
Jail Time Because Son Had Many Sick Days - 5
Drones To Replace Lifeguards? –  It releases an inflatable life preserver

97-3 NOW Eblast 5/28/15 – bash – Bas

Brett Andrews at Ugly's 5/29 – Par

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