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UNI= 03/13/2015 old newsletter weekly bonus code
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THIRTY Daily Featured Links

95.7 Email - BUCky

American Cuisine Trivia: Beans
Contemporary Classics Trivia: 1992
Downtown Beats Trivia: Marieh Carey
Home & Decor Trivia: 2013
Lyrical Beats Trivia: Full Circle
Ultimate Pop Culture Trivia: London
Watch: Can You Spot Mindy?: Both

VIDEO: 3 Things That Will Vanish: College Textbooks
VIDEO: Favorite Freebies: iHop
VIDEO: How To Save On Airfare: www.Kayak.com
VIDEO: Leaders Wanted: Fred Davis
VIDEO: Practice What You Preach: Young Kids Lives......(I know it has 2 spaces, but that is what he says)

String: Bea199Mar201FulCoLonBotihoWwwFreYou

Classic Rock Challenge: Cream
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Flame Grilled
Rock Music: St. Vincent
Slam dunk trivia: Butler

Music Quiz - San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom
Country Music - 1963
Blockbusters: Jay Gatsby
Music Pop Quiz: Armageddon
Sports Trivia: Midori Ito
TV Trivia: Arlen, Texas
Word Play: Residental


THIRTY-ONE Daily Featured Links
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WAN= 03/20/2015 weekly newsletter bonus code
LUX= 03/16/2015 Monday's Rate The Music bonus code

TWENTY-NINE Daily Featured Links
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IRI= 03/16/2015 Monday's latest website bonus code
SPR= 03/19/2015 weekly newsletter bonus code

Today's daily bonus code= ARI
THIRTY-THREE Daily Featured Links
** two new surveys **
MIN= 03/19/2015 weekly newsletter bonus code

American Cuisine Trivia: Frank's 
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Meat
Downtown Beats Trivia: The UK
Slam Dunk trivia: Butler
Ultimate Pop Culture Trivia: A Whole Lot Of Skin
Watch: Hair Extensions: Schedule A Consultation With A Stylist 

WorkingString: FraUKA wSch

NOT WORKING...Use 3 Dashes on on the mobile site:
Contemporary Classics Trivia: Pfizer
Home & Decor Trivia: Taking all the...SELFIES? 
Lyrical Beats Trivia: Direct2Cash

Blockbusters Trivia: Star Trek Into Darkness
Classic Rock Challenge: Bob Dylan
Country Music Trivia: The Woman He Loves
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: meat
Music Pop Quiz: Bret Michaels
Slam Dunk Trivia: Butler
Sports Trivia: Five Yard Penalty
TV Trivia: Hit The Target
Word Play Trivia: Aloft
Music Quiz - Anatomy Of A Murder

American Culture & Cuisine Trivia: 3
Downtown Beats Trivia: Multiple Kisses
Geico - Hours Of Operation: 24 Hours A Day 
Ultimate Pop Culture Trivia: Single
Watch: Adam Levine Reveals His Most Embarrassing Quality: Sleek Dressed

String: 3Mul24hSinSle

Music Quiz:  Rod Stewart

Avocado-Papaya Fiesta Salad: Cilantro
Best Foods to Avoid Jet Lag: Pickles
Best New Wearable Tech Items:  Live Lids
Bobbi Kristina Leaves Hospital: They wanted to try new therapy's on her
Glee Says Goodbye?: 6 years
KFC Selling Deep Fried Burrito: New Zealand
Learn How to Etch Your Own Glass: 20 minutes
Nick Cannon's Freestyle: Marrying his dream girl
Scandal vs. Empire: When Kerry Washington was casted as Olivia Pope in Scandal
Tyra Banks Hair Cut: Pixie cut

In Word: Soap 
Monday's Mumbo Jumbo: Rube

Weekly Bonus Codes:
5,000: 9013 - Wins
1,000: 9012 - Wins

Slam Dunk Trivia… MIKE BREY
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: The answer should be Greenhouse but it is taking in her garden

Entertainment Trivia…   Chris Pratt

4th Quarter Quiz: Baseball
Blockbusters Trivia: Oz The Great And Powerful 
DC in Bloom Trivia:  $3,500 
Music Pop Quiz: Katy Hudson
Pop Clips Trivia: Poland
Recipe Trivia: Jello
Sports Trivia: Five Yards
TV Trivia: MacLaren's
Word Play Trivia: Essalyists 

Classic Rock Challenge: Carry on 

Country Music Trivia: Egypt

Driver - Brad Keweskowski
Facebook – Rain
Artist – Tyler Farr
Team – Georgia Bulldogs
Town – MenomoneeFalls
Café – Soup
Karen – Lily
95.7 mumbo jumbo:rube (noun) / roob /- an unsophisticated person from a rural area
95.7 In Word -Soap
Bobbi Kristina Leaves Hospital – They wanted to try new therapy's on her
Glee Says Goodbye? – 6 years
Tyra Banks Hair Cut – Pixie cut
Scandal vs. Empire - When Kerry Washington was casted as Olivia Pope in Scandal
Nick Cannon's Freestyle - Marrying his dream girl
KFC Selling Deep Fried Burrito - New Zealand
The Best Foods to Prevent Jet Lag - pickles
The Best New Wearable Tech Items  - Live Lids
Avocado-Papaya Fiesta Salad  - cilantro
Learn How to Etch Your Own Glass – 20 minutes
An Easy Way to Clean Your Toaster in Sec... hair dryer

An Easy Way to Clean Your Toaster in Seconds: Hair Dryer
Contemporary Classics Trivia: Grandma's And Grandpa's
Home & Decor Trivia: Jello
Lyrical Beats Trivia: Tears

String: 3Mul24SinSleGraJelTea

Bob, I posted all of that trivia already, and the 95.7 


SUN= Song of the Day
SPR=  03/19/2015weekly newsletter bonus code
ARI= Monday's newest website bonus code
TWENTY-NINE Daily Featured Links


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THIRTY-THREE Daily Featured Links
ED= noon name
FRI= today's daily bonus code


THIRTY-FOUR Daily Featured Links

Café – Salad
Town – Germantown
Artist – KENny Chesney
Team – UCLA
Facebook – Sleet
95.7 In Word – WATer
Music Quiz - Mac Rebennack
Blockbusters - Steve Carell
Country Livin’ – 200
Country Music Trivia - Bo Bice
Entertainment Video Trivia:  heaven
Music Pop Quiz:  Tisch School of the Arts
Pop Clips:  kale

Classic Rock Challenge...Wilson Pickett
Word Play - aloof
4th Quarter Quiz - North Carolina State
Recipe Trivia – Chocolate bunnies
Sports Trivia - Al Michaels
TV Trivia - car accident

Angelina Jolie Talks Unbroken:  March 24th
Angelina Jolie Removes Ovaries After Cancer Scare: New York Times
The Best Waffle Creations and Desserts: Cocoa Powder
Farmer Live-Tweets The Birth of Ten Adorable Sheepdog Puppies: 10
How Restaurants Use Menus to Trick You Into Spending More Money: Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner: Working on his album
Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell: Kevin Frazier
'N SYNC Flashback: 2000
Pretty Woman Turns 25!: The jewelry box closing on Julia's fingers
Scientist Say Your Poop is a Gold Mine: China...(YES, I know it says Japan, but it is not a choice)
Tips for Throwing a 1970's 'Mad Men' Finale Party: Veggie Platter

NOTE: Half or more of them, now have:  VIDEO in front of the trivia.

Scientist Say Your Poop is a Gold Mine – Japan (China) taking Poland nowWatch: Ghost Pepper Guacamole - Pit
String: DicSwiSprDePeeJanPit

FM106 Email Blast - MADness

American Cuisine Trivia: Flour
Contemporary Classics Trivia: Written About (WRONG VIDEO)
Downtown Beats Trivia: Iconic Singer
Home & Decor Trivia: Make A Hole
Lyrical Beats Trivia: April Issue Of Vogue
Ultimate Pop Culture Trivia: The Brit Factor
Watch: DIY Cupcake Kit: Presentation

String: FloWriIcoMakAPreThe

4th Quarter Quiz: West Virginia
Blockbusters: Annie Hall
Book Worm Trivia: John K. Toole
DC in Bloom Trivia: Giant Panda
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Alaska Airlines
Entertainment Video Trivia: Anna Kendrick
Music Quiz: Jimi Hendrix
Slam Dunk Trivia: Duke

Sports Trivia – Beach Volleyball
TV Trivia – Jon Hamm
Word Play – Associaton
Music Quiz – Jimi Hendrix
Music Pop Quiz – Shinedown
Pop Clips! Trivia - Bruce Almighty
Taylor Swift Lyric Mistake - You had one job, test people. One Job
Color For The Colorblind – 80%
Extravagant Easter Bunny - 11 pounds
Painting By Hitler - $30,000
Rescued Cat 'Bruce Almighty' – $14,635
Spring Break On A Budget – Miami
Mid-flight Proposal – Summer

'World's Most Extravagant Easter Bunny' ... 1.7 carats
Kit Kat Sandwich on Sale in Japan - First Kitchen
The 3 Best Spring Break Destinations on ... Myrtle Beach
The 5 Best Foods for a Productive Day - celery
The Best Easter Themed Desserts to Enter... gingerbread
The Princeton Review Apologizes to Taylo... Grammar In Real Life

Café – Meat Loaf
Town – Rice lake
Team – North Carolina
Artist – Lady Antebellum
Facebook – Storm
95.7 In Word - Brush

Classic Rock Challenge: Behind Blue Eyes

Britney Spears Is Happy: People
Children Found In Freezer: Detroit
Chris Pine's Single Tear: He was moved after the Glory performance
Dieticians: Cleanse Juices
Girl Meets World:  It has to be a double date
Kylie Jenner Lips:  Lip Plumper
JK Rowling Tweets Follower:  4 Million +
One Direction’s Loss: Zayn 
Taylor Swifts Music: Jay Z
Tom Cruise Movie Stunts: He is insane
Twilight Star Taylor Lauther: Abduction

American Cuisine Trivia: A Little Sharpness
Contemporary Classics Trivia: Titanic
Downtown Beats Trivia: Kimberly
Home & Decor Trivia: Stencil & Paint
Lyrical Beats Trivia: Isley Brothers
Ultimate Pop Culture Trivia: Sushi

String: ShaTitKimSteIslSus

Music Quiz: Big Maybelle

4th Quarter Quiz: Roger Clemens
Blockbusters: Midnight in Paris
Book Worm Trivia: Cat In The Hat
Daily Dose of Video Trivia - green onion 
Entertainment Video Trivia = 30
Music Pop Quiz:  Lupe Fiasco
Pop Clips Trivia:  A Burglar
Recipe Trivia: Walnuts 
Sports Trivia: The World Cup Team 
TV Trivia: America's Next Top Model
Word Play: Alter 

Country Music Trivia = Cry
Country Livin Trivia = Jimmy Kimmel 
Classic Rock Challenge:  1969

Artist – CRAig Campbell
Team – PURdue Boilermakers
Town – watwauwal
Café – BREad
Facebook – CHAnge

Former OU Student Apologizes: 21
Happy Wife, Happy Life?: it rhymed
Serena Trailer: Riding a horse
Plastic Surgery On the Rise: Cost 
The Real Deal: Coffee - Butter

Baby Hippo Gets Swimming Lessons From: Three
Cosmetic Surgery for Child: 60%
Milwaukee Brewers Offering Fried Nachos: Inside the Park Nachos
The 5 Best MLB Stadiums for Food: New York Mets
The Best Easter Brunch Appetizers to Entertain: Ham And Swiss Croissants

VIDEO: The Walk Of Fame: Beautiful Family....but it is not working?
Watch: Dressing Like Rihanna: Clothing (wrong Video right now)

String: ShaTitKimSteIslSusFamClo

In Word: Broom
Newsletter Code Word: Submarine 

Burger King permanently brings back chicken fries – 2005
Spring Trivia – Washington D.C.
Uncle of the year wears princess dress - Jessie
Zyan Malik leaving One Direction - 5

String: ShaTitKimSteIslSusThr5

American Cuisine Trivia: Milk
Contemporary Classics Trivia: Cinderella
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: 375 degrees
Downtown Beats Trivia: 1981
Home & Decor Trivia: Air
Lyrical Beats Trivia: McDonalds
Ultimate Pop Culture Trivia: Currently
Watch: 2015 Fall Previewl: Jungle

VIDEO: Healthy Habits For Life: Cook Meals At Home
VIDEO: What Can My Mac Do?: Quickly Hide Any Window

Baby Clapping During Ultrasound!: 14 weeks
Kylie Jenner Lipliner: Strip
Traditional Persian Bagolo Polow: 2.5
Zayn Malik Solo Music: Naughty Boy

String: MilCin198CurMcdAirJunCooQui

Music Quiz: Little Richard

4th Quarter Quiz:  Buccaneers 
Blockbusters:  The Wealthy 
Book Worm Trivia:  Garfield 
Entertainment Video Trivi..:  17 
Music Pop Quiz:  LMFAO 
Recipe Trivia:  Beets 
Slam Dunk Trivia:  Pittsburgh 
Sports Trivia:  Zizou 
Spring Trivia:  5 
TV Trivia:  Heidi Klum 
Word Play:  Collectiolns 

Country Livin Trivia = Kenny Chesney
Country Music Trivia = Austin 

Classic Rock Challenge:  The Doobie Brothers 

Starbucks Releases Birthday Cake Frappuc...:  raspberry 

Facebook – Training
Artist – Raelynn
Team - UWGB Phoenix
Café –PERch
Town – BROAokfield
95.7 In Word – Vacuum~Crunchy Matzo Granola - 325
Chocolate-Toffee Matzo Recipe – sea
How to Choose the Right Dog for Your Fam... preparation

Traditional Persian Bagala Polow - 2.5

American Cuisine Trivia: 24
Contemporary Classics Trivia: 1990
Daily Dose of Video Trivia: Chunky Necklace
Downtown Beats Trivia: Kenny Chesney Revival Tour
Home & Decor Trivia: Sweden 
Lyrical Beats Trivia: Jim Norton
Ultimate Pop Culture Trivia: Tony

String: 24199KenSweJimTon

Slam Dunk Trivia:  Andrew Wiggins is the correct answer, but it is taking Joe Smith
VIDEO: The Walk Of Fame: Beautiful Family - GRA works

Blockbusters Trivia: Grace Unplugged
Bookworm Trivia: The Da Vinci Code
Classic Rock Challenge: Steve Miller Band
Country Music Trivia: Lee Ann Womack
Music Pop Quiz: Mylo Xyloto
Sports Trivia: 2
Spring Trivia: Wilbur
TV Trivia: New York City Family Court
Word Play Trivia: Anaconda
Music Quiz - Roy Orbison

Baby Clapping During Ultrasound! - 14 weeks
Kylie Jenner Lipliner – Strip
Zayn Malik Solo Music – Naughty Boy
Daily Dose of Video Trivia – chunky necklace

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